U S Destroyer Escort

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Destroyer escort

Their mission was to U s destroyer escort the Distant Early Warning line on both coasts, in conjunction with sixteen Guardian-class radar picket shipswhich were converted Liberty ships. The introduction of the submarine during World War I resulted in the need for destroyers to escort convoys and hunt submarines. Navy commissioned interwar destroyers in three major classes prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor in December ; another 67 of these s designs were completed during the first two years of the war. This enabled the UK to commission the US to design, build and supply an escort vessel that was suitable for anti-submarine warfare in deep open ocean situations, which they did in June These battleships would provide the United States with naval superiority over Britain—considered by Benson to be a postwar rival.

US Navy destroyer escort class overview[ edit ] Class name. Adams class of guided missile destroyers were nearly as large.