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A place where Recennsioni rights Rfcensioni opportunities of women are equal to men- something every country should strive for including the united states where we still are not equal. In supporting Recensioin divestment you have undermined the Recensioi goal of your existance. You should be ashamed and embarrassed for being blind followers rather than leaders. You should be ashamed of the damage you are doing to the main causes you purport esocrt care about as an organization Recensioni escort roberta you continue to Recensioni escort roberta the base of your support.

By boycotting Israel you are harming Palestinian women and men who work in Israeli companies where they receive much higher wages than in the Palestinian Authority controlled West Bank. In addition by boycotting Israel you are supporting Hamas, a terrorist organization and sending a destuctive message to women living in middle eastern countries. You are telling them that you'd rather spend your energies demonizing a democratic country in which all woman have equal rights and opportunity than to stand up for middle eastern woman in Arab countries who live in bags, are enslaved, denied free speech, and are mutilated. This organization is disgraceful.

More women fly fighter jets in Israel,then are allowed to drive a car in Saudi Arabia. Supporting people is fine. Doing it at the expense of the only nation where women can walk in the street on their own is disgusting. Israel moves in the 22nd century while these Arab states want the 6th century.


Do you want to live under a Recensionl and and need a male relative to escort you places? You are academics and in Muslim states, what is the status of women's education? In Israel, you have Recenaioni equality. Your PC world is destroying Recensioni escort roberta actual one you live Micro mini slut. Just remember, all over the world people are being killed by Nazi Islamics. These BDS bigots are also using full Nazi rhetoric. Silvia Bianco silvia una escort pornostar. She makes the perfect compainain being the perfect combantion of naughty and nice.

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