Mccarthys Escort

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Throughout this process, Paul Mccarthys escort costs down to a minimum — handling most of the fabrication and assembly work himself and, at the same time, taking esort to check out as many sources as practicable in order to get a good deal on specialised parts. Rather than research and supply something similar, Paul decided to fabricate his own version of the Atlas, with his final recast alloy casing coming in at 10kg lighter than the standard Atlas.

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Paul agrees that manufacturing his own Atlas was a little over-the-top, but Mccarthys escort was well justified esdort doing so as he later made other examples and sold them to fellow racers. The impetus for starting work on a new racing project came to Paul around three years ago. Departing from convention, Paul fitted a six-speed sequential gearbox to the car, a Quaife unit.