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Ziegler, the principal of Pottsgrove High School, arrived at the scene to take custody of the students.

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Gilberysville bus headed off the road, but the front of the car struck the front bumper of the bus, Wheatley said. To receive an update on excort application status, please contact our local office by following this link: Specific Duties and Essential Functions Maintain compliance with regulatory and site policies, procedures, and directives Conduct searches Lucia escort from gilbertsville pa equipment, vehicles, and materials at point of origin Apply seals to ensure the integrity of the searched equipment, vehicles, and materials Report any discrepancies found in the search and seal process to G4S RSS Management and appropriate client personnel Document the search and seal process through reports, logs, photographs, drawings, etc Interact cordially and professionally with the customers, vendors, and the public Maintain periodic qualification requirements Ensure house-keeping expectations are met Attend the arrival of the equipment, vehicle, and materials at the destination site, as required Provide communication, reports, data to demonstrate completion of contractual requirements The Ideal Candidate: G4S is a security provider for the United States government, fortune companies, nuclear power plants, oil and gas companies, airport, ports, banks, hospitals, factories, warehouses, commercial facilities, residential communities and much more.

The accident occurred about 2: