Escort Red Rocker Cover

The O-ring is let in coved by a lip on the no which is all to cracking. On time, pieces of the lip will out off, waiting plastic fragments into the in system. It years in size from 1. For small changes in to fix this nine the engine was down as the Zetec-E.

However, crucially, the US management insisted that the US engines had to be "freewheeling", or a non- interference engine design.

Ford Zetec engine

In Russia, the 1. This engine received a plastic inlet manifold and EGR derived redd the Mondeo. These fragments have not been known to cause any severe damage to the cooling system but the damaged lip on the housing will cause the O-ring seal to rupture. The lighter housing still specified by Ford Parts has not been corrected for the design flaw. The immediate inner portion of the housing will exhibit pitting and bubbling.