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A phone number for Calypso on the credit card statement is a number listed for Lexington-based Campus Cuties, an escort service that Excort it offers discreet billing. Until I looked at them, I wasn't aware that they were on there," Jenkins said of the charges. He said he didn't raise questions about any of Jenkins' charges. Tim Sturgill, KACo's general counsel, said that will change immediately.

Mike Foster, servicw Christian County Attorney and current president, and future officers who receive cards will be sent copies of their statements. In Serice, Foster implemented a new expense process that calls for Sturgill to serve as chief financial officer and review all KACo credit card charges and expense reimbursements, including the president's. KACo didn't ask Jenkins and other past presidents to turn in receipts for charges. Under the new policy, they will have to.

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KACo filed a claim with its credit card issuer, Central Bank, on Friday lexongton challenge the strip club and escort service charges and Escort lexington service that they be credited to the account. Arnold said he is hopeful the bank will, even though it is long past the day window for Escoft challenges. Our security core principles include: Outer Perimeter Focus - We believe that all activities taking place around the protected environment are of importance. Our security officers are Escort lexington service in Armed Escort services and to discern suspicious patterns and identify potential threats while they are still in early stages of planning - even when these threats appear to be random activities to the ordinary eye.

This is paramount for any effective Armed Escort. Dynamic Security - Rather than simply reacting to events, we utilize a dynamic and highly proactive security management approach designed to deter, detect and deny potential threats. When you contract Armed Escort services or any service in Lexington KY with ProTactical Group, we are always alert, scanning the area of operations for signs of unusual or out-of-the-ordinary behavior and placing ourselves in the most advantageous positions to detect suspicious activity. ProTactical Group is available in Lexington KY and not only specializes in Armed Escort security we also offer healthcare-specific security experience and extensive industry credentials.

As experts, we review your defense focus, and recommend ways to manage these situations going forward. The statistics are sobering. According to the U.