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Escort helsing r and sEcort virus, mechanic Victor Helsng, a. As I glass before, stellar and inappropriate comments will be let and the magician will be blocked immediately, so keep pilots clean please: They kidnap attractive young one Pamela Glover Farrah Fawcett — whom they you "Outside" — to be her disc patient. House As soon as you her the car after lady to Dethmold, you'll be uptown by Zyvik 1who was her for two of his men.

Jill Rivers Tara Buckman and Marcie Thatcher Adrienne Barbeautwo attractive women who use their looks to their advantage, start the race in a black Lamborghini Countach. It starts off as '75—76 Laguna. After they paint it, it becomes a '76—77 Monte Carlo. His character behaves similarly to James Bond and only once by his mother is called by his real name. Escort helsing r drives a silver Aston Martin DB5. At the starting line, observing from the shadows, is Mr. Foyt a play on the name of racer A. Foyta representative of the "Safety Enforcement Unit", who tries to stop the race because of its environmental effects and safety issues.

Beyond the starting line, JJ and Victor driving their ambulance come across Foyt and Glover, who have been involved in a minor fender-bender. Glover implores JJ and Victor to help, but when they tell Foyt to enter the ambulance through the back door, they kidnap Glover and take off without Foyt. As the race progresses, Victor occasionally turns into his alter ego, superhero "Captain Chaos". The very spooky Dr. Van Helsing Jack Elam and his huge hypodermic needle are also in the ambulance to "help" keep Glover quiet during the race. Various teams are shown either evading law enforcement, most of which deal with talking their way out of a possible ticket, or concocting crazy schemes to outmaneuver their opponents.

Jill and Marcie use sex appeal as their weapon, unzipping their race suits to display copious amounts of cleavage during traffic stops.

However, this fails to work on a busty female traffic officer played in a cameo appearance by actress Valerie Perrine. In New Jersey, the ambulance is pulled over by state troopers; Dr. Van Helsing drugs Glover, and JJ and Victor are able to convince the troopers that they're rushing "the Senator's wife" to UCLA for medical treatment offering the theory that her condition prevents them from flying, or from even driving through Denver. The Subaru team is able to turn off their car's headlights and use infrared sensors for racing at night. Seymour Goldfarb is frequently shown evading police by using various James Bond -type gadgets, such as oil slicks, smoke screens, switchable number plates installed in his Aston Martin DB5.

Compton Bert Convy and "Super Chief" Finch Warren Berlinger disguise themselves as a newlywed couple on a motorcycle, but Finch's extra weight forces the two to ride cross-country in a continuous wheelie. The primary rivalry is between the Escort helsing r and the Ferrari. In Ohio, Fenderbaum and Blake are able to convince Victor to pull over the ambulance in order to bless the patient on board. While Blake carries out the blessing, Fenderbaum flattens one of the ambulance's rear tires. JJ gets his revenge in Missouri by convincing a nearby police officer that the two men dressed as priests are actually sex perverts who are responsible for the flashing victim in the ambulance.

The leading teams find themselves stopped on a desert highway, waiting for construction workers to clear the road. A biker gang led by Peter Fonda shows up and begins harassing Compton and Finch. It quickly gets out of hand and a free-for-all fistfight ensues. Naturally, the Subaru team also joins in Jackie Chan puts his martial arts skills to work and fists and kicks fly. The construction crew announces that the road is open, so teams sprint back to their cars for the race to the finish. The ambulance falls behind the pack until Victor once again becomes Captain Chaos.

The vehicles all arrive at the final destination at the same time, so it is a foot race to the finish line. JJ hands his team's time card to Victor, then ambushes the remaining racers, leaving only Victor and one of the Lamborghini women, Marcie. Just when it appears Victor will reach the time clock first, a spectator shouts that her "baby" has fallen into the water. Victor, still in his Captain Chaos persona, rushes to save the baby later revealed to be her dogallowing Marcie to clock in first and win the race. Foyt reappears and blames everyone for ruining the American highway. Seymour offers a cigar and tells Foyt to use the lighter in his car, which activates an ejection seat when pushed.

Nothing happens at first, but when Seymour presses the button, he Seymour goes flying into the water. Cast[ edit ] Cannonball Run featured an all-star cast, including these actors: McClure and his buddy, mechanic Victor Prinzi, a. Molly Picon portrays his mother. Farrah Fawcett as tree-loving photographer Pamela Glover. Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder plays himself as Fenderbaum bets on his success. Snyder was Dean Martin's neighbor when both were growing up in Steubenville, Ohio. George Furth as Arthur J. Foyt, the uptight main antagonist of the film, who tries to have the race stopped.

In the opening part of the film, Chan and Hui are introduced on a talk show hosted by Johnny Yune as the operators of Japan 's entry into the race. Both Chan and Hui were actually Chinese; furthermore, the credits mistakenly credit the two as " Mitsubishi Driver s. Bianca Jagger makes a brief appearance as his sister. He smirked, and then drew a wide smile across his face, and soon started to chuckle I've been looking forward to see him again But no one really knows where it is, and it probably for the better Tomorrow we'll pay him a visit.

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Zenyatta turned and faced Jesse, "have you gone completely mad?! Fareeha laughed, "and what do you plan to do? Escort helsing r one knows how to kill Dracula We have shot him countless times with silver bullets, jammed silver stakes through his heart and he didn't even care Jesse sat Escort helsing r and rubbed his chin Dating for bbw he shrugged, "I'm going there regardless I don't have to tell you to be careful We should probably get some rest while can, it was a long journey anyway. Fareeha got off her chair, "well then allow me to escort you to your rooms.

She immediately sprung out of her bed and pulled out the gun from under her pillow, and went to investigate where the sound came from As she made her way through the dark hallway she saw shattered window glasses on the ground Her breathing became heavy, she felt cold shivers running down her spine, she made here way through the bookshelfs And froze in her ground, as she saw drops of water falling from above her Soon enough she heard growling She immediately turned and aimed her gun up and fired blindly! The werewolf roared and leaped from one bookshelf onto another She ran as fast as she could, and reached a dead end, she turned and saw the full moon get covered by dark clouds She kept on running until she stumbled upon a figure, with torn clothing She gasped, but as soon as she looked up she saw Oh god, you're alive!!

For a brief moment Jack felt relieved What are you saying!