Escort 8500 Will Not Turn On

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I have owned a few radar detectors over the years, but I have never trusted one Slutload threesome married couple thoroughly as I do the Passport X But the Passport X50 is different. Quite simply, it is the most sensitive radar detector that I have ever seen. Suddenly, a GPS-fortified radar detector knows where red light cameras are. It knows where other SmartCord Live users have detected speed traps and can give you a huge and very advantageous early warning to take corrective action. Map shows an Apple Maps not Google Maps, sorry!

The Dashboard view Escort 8500 will not turn on the sam speed limit sign icon Escort 8500 will not turn on the Map view does, but displays your own speed in a much larger format, both in a digital and analog view. Along the bottom of the screen in either view is one button that allows you to report hazards, police, speed cameras, etc. The Escort Live app which is a free download, by the way has improved considerably since I first started using it. Originally, it would not turn off when you stopped driving, but continued to keep the GPS antenna turned on. The app has since been fixed to automatically shut down after five minutes of inactivity.

There are a few other issues with the Escort Live app. That means that there are quarter inch tall letterboxes at the top and bottom of the screen within the app, wasting space that could otherwise be used to display more information, or to make the information that is displayed a bit larger and easier to read. Make sure that Passport's radar antenna is not blocked by windshield wipers and that the laser lens is not behind tinted areas. Passport may be in City Mode. Passport did not alert when a police car was in view. Officer may not have radar or laser unit turned on.

Passport did not provide a Safety signal while within range of an emergency vehicle.

Passport 7500 Troubleshooting

850 Safety transmitters may not be commonly used in your area. Passport's display is not working. Press the Dim button to deactivate Dark Mode. Passport's audible alerts are less loud after the first few alerts.

Passport is in AutoMute Mode. Passport bounces or sags on windshield. Passport is not making sill with the windshield to provide stability. While holding down Passport's EasyMount button, slide Passport further back toward the windshield so that the back top edge makes firm contact. Passport's power-on sequence reoccurs while you are driving.