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By comparison, the bottom freezer utilizes the lesser-used space at the basement of your refrigerator. Unlike top sintle that house the ice dooor, the ice maker in a bottom freezer refrigerator stays in the top section, which frees up more freezer space down at the bottom. Most come with a variety of space-saving features as well. From pull out drawers to adjustable shelves, newer refrigerators offer customizable space to allow their owners to determine what works best for them.

Convenience For most people, the refrigerator gets heavy daily use, whereas the freezer is opened far less frequently. By moving the freezer to the bottom, the refrigerator portion occupies more easily accessible space. Additionally, most bottom freezers Bottom frezzer top single door ref equipped with handy pull out baskets, making storage and access even more convenient. We use the large space in Bottom frezzer top single door ref freezer for items like frozen pizzas and family-sized Massive slut cum, and then keep our frozen veggies or fruits stored in the rolling storage drawer in the top.

This not only helps us stay organizedbut also is a more efficient use of the space. Several models feature a convenient pull out drawer directly above the freezer. This drawer can be stocked with frequently eaten snacks or beverages and set at a different temperature than the main portion of the refrigerator. In essence, this eliminates the need to have a separate beverage fridge. Likewise, some models also allow for the vegetable crisper drawers to be set at a different temperature than that of the main refrigerator. This helps keep your produce fresh for longer, helping you waste less food and save money. Smaller Footprint For people who need a smaller refrigeratorseveral models that feature bottom freezers are small enough to slide into a tight space.

If you live in an apartment or have a small kitchen with limited space for a refrigerator but want a better-than-basic model, you may find a good option in a bottom-mounted freezer. Cost By far, the biggest drawback of a bottom freezer refrigerator is the cost. Obviously, the total cost is always dependent on the size, brand and features within the unit, but as a whole, this type of refrigerator tends to be more on the expensive side. Many bottom freezer refrigerators opt for French door access for the top section. Unfortunately, this design is not as energy efficient as other styles.

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As a result, the monthly usage cost may be slightly higher. While these costs toop going to be minimal, they do add up when you consider the overall life expectancy of your average refrigerator. Heavier Items at the Bottom Frozen foods, like turkeys and hams, can be quite heavy. Having them nestled in a bottom freezer means Bottom frezzer top single door ref bending to get to them. This is obviously Bpttom that should be of concern Bottoom the elderly, as lifting these heavier items may pose problems. Additionally, if you or anyone in your family has a frezzrr back, bending and lifting dood items can ferzzer be a rrezzer combination. If you or anyone in your family fit into either of these categories, then a hop freezer refrigerator may freezzer be a best choice for you.

Types of Bottom Freezer Models If you do opt for a bottom freezer refrigerator, you will have several models and styles to choose from. The freezer component comes in two basic choices. It is either a pull out drawer or a swing-door freezer. We cover French-door refrigeratorsside-by-side refrigeratorstop-freezer refrigerators and counter-depth refrigerators in their own sections elsewhere in this report. This refrigerator measures just under 33 inches wide The LG LDCS earns a Recommended nod at Consumer Reports, where a top pick in the bottom-freezer category, with scores of Excellent for thermostat control and temperature uniformity.

Reviewed also gives it a high score, 8. Owners praise the LDCS for its great performance and plethora of storage options, noting that it's very quiet and attractive, too. Many say they chose it because they had to have a fridge that fits in their smaller space of 33 inches, and are thrilled that something they had few options in turned out to be so great. The feature list on the LG LDCS is good, including some nice touches like an alarm that alerts you if the door is accidentally left ajar. There's also an interior ice maker.

The glass shelves are adjustable and easy to clean, users say. Door storage is designed to accommodate a variety of items of different shapes, heights and sizes, from a child's juice carton to a full gallon of milk, although those shelves are not adjustable. There are two crisper compartments and a full-width drawer underneath the crispers that can hold wider, narrower items, like party platters. Two drawers in the freezer compartment help you access items more easily. In testing at both CNET and Reviewed, the temperatures were found to be much higher than the settings would indicate they should be. Reviewed's findings were similar, with Zahnzinger calling crisper performance, "flat-out disappointing.