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Her son, who was poor and living in a cramped apartment with his wife and three children, placed her in a rundown hotel room in downtown San Francisco. She was isolated, unable to speak English or to see her family often. She rarely left her room. It was not until the hotel manager called a local organization for the elderly that the woman received some help. But it was too late. Less than two weeks after she was prescribed antidepressant medication, which she refused to take, she hung herself in her hotel room.

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The datnig, related by a Bay Area social worker, illustrates the fate amefican a americxn number of elderly Asian women who immigrate to the United Asian american s f seniors dating. Asian Ameriacn have the highest suicide rate among women 65 or older, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Although a similar rate was reported by the CDC inan x look at the problem has only begun recently among mental health researchers and providers around the country. Sue recently joined other experts at a mental health conference in Chicago dedicated to the "public health crisis" of depression among minorities.

Mental health experts blame the high suicide rate among elderly Asian American women on devastating changes in their cultural and social roles that occur after immigrating to the U. When elderly women move from a culture that reveres the older generation as wise, experienced decision-makers to one that has far less respect for the elderly, their place in the world is disrupted, said Jeanette Choi, a social worker at the Asian Pacific Family Center in Rosemead. Asian American women may feel useless when the caretaker roles they've played throughout their lives are no longer necessary. Gwen stefani dating blake shelton Asian american seniors dating singles single Single party in los angeles look may 85 hilary, mike.

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