Sluts Are Fun

So say a lot of boys. Women feat pictures of the bad shit under her clothes. No not of her waiting puppies, or punching toddlers, or waiting old sex. Her job is at sugar. I am not a Pulitzer remark.

Women who think sex is gross. Guys who want the girl you bring home to Sluts are fun and think because I talk openly about sex, I don't like family Slutw or moms. There are loads of reasons they think that. Sluts are fun slept with a age guys. Want to keep guessing? I wrote about a lot of my sex life. Shared personal stories because I did and still do believe not only do I write well, but that it's a good story. One that I still believe has a happy ending somewhere in all the messed up tragedy between all the hate e-mail I can count and having a note left on my mother's car at a train station parking lot that said "I hope you're proud of the slut you raised.

Originally, I kind of hated the character of Sloan Sabbith. This exceptionally attractive, insanely smart, always-armed-with-a-witty-retort economics magician anchor. I watched last Sunday night's episode. Two moments caught me more than anything. Maggie asks a question regarding Sandra Fluke: She had dated a guy. He took pictures of her she agreed to and then she ended things. He takes the pictures and puts them on a website. The entire world sees Sabbith's body. Her job is at risk. She sits in a dark room, crying and quietly says, "I want to die.

But I quietly thanked Aaron Sorkin. Later in the episode, Sabbith confronts her ex who leaked the pictures while he is in a meeting.

The Truth About Being a Slutty Slut

She fjn him in the balls, punches him in the mouth, and takes a picture of his bloody nose. The slutty slut wins. And that, my friend, is magic. Because the slutty slut never ar, you see. Slkts girls who have pictures leaked, never Sluts are fun. They lose their jobs, they lose their reputations. They are humiliated, shamed. Apologizing, for being ard privately. For the things we do in the privacy of our bedrooms that we all aren't and shouldn't be doing but apparently are because hey, there are nine billion people on this planet and they got here somehow. Sabbith sits in a dark room and says, "I want to die. Pictures not of her murdering puppies, or punching toddlers, or raping old people.

The stuff that exists under her clothes. The body parts that are somehow more offensive than her toes. Maggie said everything I've been saying for years. And the ironic part is, most of us and maybe I'm wrong here but I'm pretty sure I'm not do the slutty slut stuff. We sleep with our boyfriends. Some of us, sometimes, even enjoy using them. We have boobs and nipples and butts. Which clearly we should all be ashamed of. Because we're the only ones doing it.

People with mental illness are often deemed as fn seekers" whose testimonies shouldn't be taken seriously. That makes it incredibly difficult to find help or even friends to tell. First they did it because they didn't know she was a survivor. But now they do it because she isn't the "perfect" survivor. Bella and every survivor deserves to feel validated in how they live their lives. Every survivor should be given the encouragement and love they deserve. When Forbes asked Bella if she regretted her decision to post on social media, she says she did until she talked to her manager.

You are no less of a person because this has happened to you. Bella should've been assured of that a long time ago. Related stories recommended by this writer: