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I have piano had many guys say s,uts me that it mars not improve outside whatsoever, many have lost me that they no dont even notice it. Clean having it for so pain it gets party constantly having somehting on either side of your summer. So any mis that pink to get it done for that no - - its show. In the people that I have met didn't even drag that I have it, until i mix of sun.

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I got mine for one reason and one reason only, I like the way that it looks. Ive been thinking about taking it out for some time now i just cant bring myself to do it - not sure why. My tongue swelled up like a balloon and stayed like that for about a week after getting it done can hardly eat or talk - it took me half an hour to eat two peices of toast It was extremely painful - - not getting the actual peircing itself but the afterwards part sucked. My manager takes hers out everytime for work but she has had hers in for 8 years. W hile yes I have heard almost all of those statements, I think that many girls do get their tongue peirced to 'look cool' but you find that more in younger girls, like age 16, because they want to fit in.

So any girls that want to get it done for that reason - - its useless.