Black Backdoor Sluts

Shut up, Cartman, you better-belching vagina. Well, mat-asses, how are we gonna nine room for Bebe. So we have to pink his icy heart with a hot down song. Oh, do we wanna do that. Don't put the punchline in the white of the post. Rather those Mongorians lost next mars, I pour this sweet and rather pork on their heads. We have drag to reclaim the One Uptown!.

But you can't melt ice with a cool song, retard. So we have to warm his icy heart with a hot island song. But it's a cool island song. Well then we're gonna end up freezing his hellish heart with a cool island song. Oh, do we wanna do that? Maybe Black backdoor sluts could melt the governor's icy heart with a cool island song! We have to freeze his hot heart with a cool island song. Or is it freshen his hot temper with a cool island song? Let's cool his hot temper with a fresh island song. Your persistence surprises even me. Surely you don't think you can escape from this premiere. That depends on how reasonable we're all going to be. All I want are my friends.

You can keep him! Part of being a woman is having a friend one day and calling her a slut the next. Mom, what's six times eight? Oh sweetie, those are two completely different numbers. They're all hard and oogy! But I've been here from the beginning. And it's sad to see you go. Maybe you can make friends with the kids down the road. Three cheers for Kyle!

Black backdoor sluts right, then I guess we have no choice-- [turns to Tweek] but to let you go, Tweek, I want to say you've been great filling in as a fourth friend and we're gonna miss you. No way, dude, Tweak's cool. Well, dumb-asses, how are we gonna make room Black backdoor sluts Bebe? Stan, Kyle, Bebe, and Tweek are all standing at the bus stop; Cartman is conspicuously absent. Thanks for inviting me to ride the bus with you this morning. Fuck you, Kyle, and fuck you, Stan! Outcall escort listing is worse than Child Tracker.

It's okay, boys, just act as if we weren't here. Right, do what you would normally do. Now, who can tell me when the first moon landing took place? Uh, how about you, Clyde? I'm not really sure having all the parents here is a good idea, m'kay? Well, maybe things would be better if we could trust people like the Stotches! Your family's always been the shifty-eyed ones! Stop tearing down my shitty wall! Oh, I get it. Just because I Chinese, you think I build wall? I'm not stereotype, okay?! Just because I'm Chinese doesn't mean I go around building wall! I'm just a normal person like all of you! I eat ah-rice and drive dreary stow, just like the rest of you!

When those Mongorians come next time, I pour this sweet and sour pork on their heads. Ha ha, sweet and sour pork so hot and sticky, Mongorians stick alright up to the wall! Mom, Dad, could you please leave me alone? We just want to make sure no one hurts you, Junior, M'kay? And so the residents of Manhattan are prepared to evacuate if Ms. Clinton's ass gets any bigger. They've done some stupid crap before, but Jesus Christ! Do you believe in the ladder to heaven? If heaven is an 8-year-old boy and the ladder is my penis If Saddam Hussein was an 8-year-old boy and my penis were the United States, then there wou-- [cameraman steers away] Hard nipples!

Dude, what the hell's wrong with you? It's like my brain just keeps Maybe you've got brain cancer. Don't get cancer on the ladder, Cartman! You're gonna fall off and break it. Where were you when they built the ladder to heaven? Did it make you feel like crying? Doxxing or sharing personal information will result in a permanent ban.


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