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And then with our other glass from to school That will tanakw air of the magician. So we shall see lol Haha down nice. I go a real name so I waiting that I lost Tia. That would be a hot up.

Describe a typical day in your life? I work in a professional office during the day. At night I like to go out with friends to bars near the beach. So do your office mates know of your pornstar career? What is your day job? I Tia tanaka escort really had any I just liked to go with it. Tell us about the world of a pornstar. A lot of sex, and partying? As it seems to be. Drugs come with the territory. As any unconventional job would be. And a lot of manipulation. Saw a lot of that. Were there any scary moments? So we shall see lol Haha nice nice.

Tell us about your relationship life, are you single? Yes I am currently single. Pretty girl like you? Would you rather swallow or have it on your face? I would rather have it on my face, but I will swallow. How do you think that will go over? There are worse things you could be doing. You said you were five two. Yes, ninety eight pounds. Are you going to stay that way? I have one on my back. Any plans for more? If I think of something I really want. I regret the tattoo I have.

I got it when I Tia tanaka escort younger. The reason I got it was to be the best. All of my friends were getting little flowers and stars and I decided, screw that. It takes up three fourths of my back. I wish I had gotten something smaller. Do you have a website? Not yet, but my agent says he bought the domain name so it will be coming soon. I was supposed to be his daughter. I needed a real name so I decided that I liked Tia. Ed told me a needed a last name. We tried Tia Darling, but that sounded a little too western.

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He came up with Tia Tanaka. Ed was a great guy. Did you like working with him? Have you had any Tia tanaka escort experiences? Have you ever left a set feeling that you had really great sex? I left the set smiling and I was nice to everyone. Have you ever taken male talent home for fun after hours? Is this your first interview? What is the dumbest question anyone has ever asked? More offensive eecort me yanaka you anal sex lessons? Yeah, this guy asked me how it feels being a whore or something stupid like that. How does it feel to be a really hot girl that guys masturbate to? None of your movies are out yet so none of these people in line for your autograph have seen you in action.

They just see the calendar and see me sitting here. Do you think it will be different next year? I think it will feel different. You realize that guys have been masturbating to you for years. What is something you want your fans to know about you? That I have been having fun and I hope that you like what I do. Is there anyone you really want to work with? That would be a hot scene. I am working with her next week. And then with our other friend from high school That will be movie of the year.