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Eliot Spitzer, relating to his resignation or any other matter. It was not an offense against the public. If he broke any laws, these are laws that never should Spitzet existed Spitzer escort service that have been repudiated by sensible nations. She was just one of the escorts that Spitzer had liaisons with, but she gained significant media attention following the scandal. After the news broke, she responded that she didn't "want to be thought of as a monster," [39] and that it had been a "difficult" and "complicated" time for her. David Paterson succeeded him on March 17, By resigning, Spitzer lost his status as a superdelegate in the Democratic nomination for Presidentdepriving Hillary Clintonwhom he supported, of a superdelegate vote.

This also reduced the total number of superdelegate votes available.

Eliot Spitzer Spent $100,000 at One Call Girl Firm Alone, Report Says

Spitzer discussed his status as a superdelegate on The Colbert Report on Spitzer escort service 12,the day before Spitzer met his escort sergice the Mayflower Hotel. Davisescrt competing madam who was involved in the scandal, served four months of jail time on Rikers Island as a result of the escogt, and later announced a run for Spitzer's old seat in the New York gubernatorial election, Davis finished in last place among those on the ballot. Overseas, Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster was a high-profile casualty of the scandal serfice Emperors Club prostitutes alleged that he had been Spitzer escort service client. The allegations were followed by Grosvenor stepping down in March as Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff Reserves and Cadets in the British Ministry of Defence, a position he had held for four years.

There was some debate as to whether or not Spitzer's name recognition would help him in the election. Depictions in media[ edit ] The scandal was the subject of Alex Gibney 's documentary Client 9: It's a whorehome—a full-service institution that matches "customers with the Not to worry—each of the ladies on staff has a detailed CV that appears to have been ghost-written by Anchorman's Ron Burgundy. Maglia "speaks six of the world's leading languages fluently. If only selling an escort were as simple as listing her degrees and job titles. Today's discerning customer requires both a rundown of likes and dislikes— Drewfor one, lists her preferred chocolates as "Milk, Dark, White"—and narrative flourish to stoke the imagination.

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