Sex Addicts Anonymous Meetings In Milwaukee

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We are not affiliated with any other group, nor are we affiliated with any professional recovery. There are actions and thinking specific to meetinngs addiction that may never be addressed or uncovered addicte and may have led to meetinys relapse. PAA seeks to identify these msetings, unique and addictive actions, and sddicts share our experience, strength and meetijgs with each other in order that we may bring about a state of being recovered from this disease. This is where you can find information regarding our fellowship, meetings and support for your recovery. Addics you email us for meeting information, please sign up on the forum. You must register to view the content of the Sex addicts anonymous meetings in milwaukee.

This is done in the spirit of the 12th Tradition which states that anonymity is the spiritual foundation of our program. Please register for access and do NOT sign up more than once using multiple emails. This does not speed up the registration process. It will slow it down as we check each sign-up for spammers. If you sign up multiple times, you will run the risk of not being activated at all. Once you have registered, it can take as long as 48 hours for processing. We check against the spam databases to protect our board and our members. Once you have registered, make sure that you have written down your user ID and password as we do not have access to your passwords.

We have added a donate button to the board. An honest and truthful exchange of experiences for the purposes of strengthening and providing hope to each other. You are not in this alone. You will find more in common with others than you find differences, whether it is related to a specific addiction or the manner in which you arrived at your addictive behavior. We may have all sailed on different ships, but we are all in the same boat. Specifically, during the first meeting you will meet one-on-one with one or two other SA members that have a significant amount of sobriety.

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They will share more details about what is involved in SA, and they will also share their story. It is up to you milwauee you wish to share any or all of your story. Most of the Milwaukee SA meetings follow the same general format, but realize each group is autonomous and formats will vary. At first it is best just to go with the flow and participate when and as you feel comfortable.

In general, the formats are along the lines of the following; a. The group leader will call the meeting to order with a moment of silence and anobymous serenity prayer. The leader will begin the introductions, by stating their first name, length of sobriety, step number they are working on and whether they have a sponsor. Certain meetings ask for more or less in an introduction and as a newcomer you should feel free to provide only the information that you are comfortable with.