Saying About Sluts

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You came here with sarcasm and accusations.

It’s not ‘slut-shaming,’ it’s woman hating

Meghan Murphy Vanilla Rose wrote a cute little post about what a meanie I am: You got someone to write a blog post about you? Maybe because other women other feminist women make better targets for projection? What are we being accused of? Well if the shame is being projected onto us then it originated in the fun-fems minds which means despite all the declarations they are not fully OK with the shit they do. Psychological Saying about sluts can be revealing. I think what you Old sluts getting fucked was both revealing and helpful. However, what easily Saying about sluts is the attention turns away from the abusers.

And how can any woman be fully okay under patriarchy anyway? We need to believe we can fight and win against the man even if nobody else does. Of all the ways that women are exploited this is the one that instills the deepest despair in me. I remember really wanting to believe that idea the selling yourself is how you own yourself idea. I remember the initial surge of relief it gave me the first time I heard it. The relief was so welcome because I did feel ambivalent about what I was doing and even though I embraced and clung fast to this rhetoric I still ended up getting high almost every day to keep myself semi-conscious as to what was really going on in my life.

What was going on in my life then was that I was on the ropes and trying to throw in the towel, except there is no surrendering. Specifically she had become ever more dependent and submissive with respect to her husband and although I had said nothing about it, she started having out-bursts where she would rage and shout and accuse me of disapproving of her life. I think the fun-fems want to surrender and I do feel bad that they are at that point. I really do hope each one of them makes it through to the other side. We can fight and win against patriarchy.

Successful resistance starts with getting off the sub-super-human carousel and insisting on your humanity. There has to be a way around this. It's not that I'm thinking about Saying about sluts gay like Ricky and Josh, but I don't like the "dating scene. But I doubt it. The only reason I'm even Saying about sluts this is to have sex. So really what I'm looking for is just a slut. I'm out on a mission, but if I succeed it will only be with a whore. I'm not going your ever meet a cool girl at a bar. We met at Jimmy's Bar and Grill. She was drunk and I was lonely.

After she blew me in an open stall I knew we were soul mates. It will feel kind of weird but if you look in the mirror really fast while you're doing it, you will think you're giving a hand job to a female version of you who also happens to have a cock huge one. Do not use a silly clown wig. It may bring back to many secrets.