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Picked up by women who drive luxury cars, or catering to men looking for cheap sex, they live Male escorts or callboy in india clandestine life satisfying the needs of both esforts. Shady, deserted areas, empty spaces behind buses, parks, metro rail construction sites and the railway station are the usual hubs of sex trade in the city. From gigolos to massage experts, masseurs or escorts, these men sport Mae looks apart from contrasting economic and educational backgrounds. Most male masseurs on the street are trafficked from rural areas of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan and other states of India to work in the metros.

They are mostly illiterate or semi-literate. A deeper probe into the lives they have left behind more often than not reveals tragic tales of neglect, discrimination and abuse. There is also a second group known as male escorts, who offer direct sex not massage services and, in most cases, belong to the city they operate in. They are usually literate and cater to high-profile clients. According to Krishna Naidu of Suraksha Society, a Hyderabad-based organisation that works with people of alternative sexuality, there are nearly 50, sex workers in the state of Andhra Pradesh alone. However, the number of male sex workers among these is not known.

Bodies for sale, by men too

Naidu says that many boys and young escotts Male escorts or callboy in india join this work live stigmatized lives, with little or no educational opportunities, earning very little by offering Emporers club escort services and selling their bodies. Archana Rao, a development communication specialist who has worked extensively with sex workers from across India, cxllboy some of these boys have been abused as children. Traditions and male prostitution According to a United Nations report, certain Indian traditions infia customs also have a role to play in the perpetuation of male sex trade.

The dancers mainly belong to lower middle-class and poor families of West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra while some hail from Nepal and Bangladesh. They come to Bihar and UP during the peak marriage season between April and June in summer and from December to February during winter. These dancers are very vulnerable to physical and sexual assault. They are often bitten or stubbed by those who come to watch them - men with carnal instincts. And, this is a very common trend. Commodification of masculinity While there is huge demand for young men in male sex trade, and many are forced into it by circumstance, interestingly, there is also a population of male escorts paid highly by female clients who voluntarily take a plunge in sex trade.

With the commodification of men surging in recent times through advertisements in newspapers, social media and movies, there has been a concomitant, silent surge in male sex trade. Some boys who are forced into sex trade via trafficking or child labour also end up living this life for the money, the survey explains. Recognising the 'work' in sex work Female clients from affluent families are the ones who usually seek such mobile masseurs or escorts. Pubs are also common places where women come looking for masseurs. When you will look into our escort gallery you will understand what quality we have. Do you need a budget male escort service?

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