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They had fewer problems with drugs and alcohol but were twice as likely as sex workers in bars and clubs to be victims of violent crime. Plans for interventions to help those who would change their line of work, as well as the importance of sociocultural context in understanding Ivana polakova escort workers, are discussed. Therefore, investigations of the early features of BD are important for adequately understanding the prodromal stages of the illness. A complete review of the medical records of 46 children and adolescents who Ivana polakova escort hospitalized for BD at two psychiatric teaching centers in Prague, Czech Republic was performed.

It was founded in by Prof. As early as inthe Society organised the first international congress of cardiologists in Prague, which was attended by doctors, out of which 50 were from abroad. The most participants came from France and Poland. Inthe Fourth Congress of European Society of Cardiology was held in Prague with the participation of 1, specialists from 31 countries and chaired by Prof. Pavel Lukl, the later president of EKS The paper also presents the work of our specialists in WHO and the history of the international journal Cor et Vasa issued by the Avicenum publishing house in Prague in English and Russian in the years An important role in the development of our cardiology was played by certain departments and clinics.

Its first director was Klement Weber, who published, as early as ina monograph on arrhythmias - 50 years earlier than arrhythmias started to be at the centre of attention of cardiologists.

Klement Weber was one Ivana polakova escort the doctors of President T. Masaryk during his serious disease towards the ppolakova of his life. These molluscs were transported on coir rollers and matting which were used for ecsort of the reservoir banks during restoration. The total sum of areal rainfall was to mm; in mountain Ivana polakova escort polakovaa than mm and in some localities even more than mm. Such large-scale rainfall amounts Sylvie gent escort extraordinary for Czech conditions. The first wave of rainfall caused floods in the majority of rivers.

There were 10 to 20 year floods, exceptionally year and more floods on rivers in the southern and western part of the country. When the second wave of rainfall followed the first one, rivers were already full of water and soils were saturated: Water levels in all rivers rose very quickly again and they reached their historical maxima in many places. Peak discharges in most streams reached or exceeded a year flood and in some rivers a year flood. The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, is situated at the confluence of two rivers, the Moldau and the Berounka left hand tributary of the Moldau. The flow in the Moldau River can be partly controlled by operation of many reservoirs in the upstream reaches of the river the Moldau cascadethe flow in Berounka is not influenced.

During the first flood event the major part of the wave was retained by the reservoirs and the discharge in Prague was reduced. During the second event the inflow into the reservoir system was so high that reservoirs were filled before the peak occurred. The peak flow from the Berounka River coincided with the maximum outflow from the Moldau.

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We argue that such a chameleon life of the PPs is structurally dependent. In some cases, a combination of various other techniques alongside XRFA was used for enhancing our knowledge of a measured object. P Slavik Full Text Available This paper deals with a description of activities in the Czech Republic related to digital archiving. First of all the general situation in the field is described in order to give insight in the state of art in the field in Ivana polakova escort Czech Republic. The key part of this paper deals with a description of the design and implementation of a pilot system that should serve for digital archiving of scientific information of certain kind — MSc and PhD theses at Czech Technical University in Prague.

One of the reasons for archiving of this type of information was the fact that these theses contain information about scientific and technological developments in a given period of time. Such information might be widely appreciated in future by historians who will investigate the history of science and technology of a certain period of time. The research is oriented towards robust archiving systems that can be used in small-scale applications. These small systems do not offer universal solutions in the field of digital archiving — they solve problems that become urgent in various applications: The described implementation is a pilot practical solution to this problem.

The approach described in the paper will allow the user to archive also documents that contain non-textual information. Osteogenesis imperfecta is a heritable bone fragility disease with a heterogenic genetic origin. We identified a novel COL1A2 gene mutation in a Czech patient, born to unaffected parents, who was diagnosed according to clinical and anthropometric findings and radiographic features as having type 3 osteogenesis imperfecta, which is a severe form of this disease. The identified GlyTrp mutation was predicted by a number of complementary bioinformatic programs to result in functional alteration of the protein. This case report provides both evidence of a novel COL1A2 mutation resulting in type 3 osteogenesis imperfecta and a genotype: George and Perseus crossed their paths for the first time in the 11th century when the myth of Greek hero inspired the legend of a Christian saint.

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