Is Escort Detector Tuneup Worth It

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Now that's most impressive. The actual cost of Is escort detector tuneup worth it of Valentines, I believe, tend to be lower than that of other iit. Because Valentine has escorg allowed their owners to upgrade detsctor models for a nominal amount. With other detectors one would have to discard the older model to dftector a "newer" model for full retail. Imagine purchasing a back in the eighties and paying incremental charges along the way to recieve the equivalent of the GT3 today, not a bad deal, in my opinion. And if you ever decide that it's time to move to another detector like say the Beltronics STi Driver particularly in you live in VA or Canada you can rest assured that you will get much more for your used detector on Ebay than for any other.

I know of guys who routinely purchase new Valentine's outright and then sell their used ones on Ebay for nearly what they paid. Can you see that the Valentine One provides it's owner with a lower total cost of ownership than the others? Porsche 's also tend to hold their value pretty well.

I once knew of someone who purchased a used and sold it for more than he paid for it a year later! Optional accessories such as the carrying case or the remote display are just that - optional - and have nothing to do with the performance behavior of the detector. Using this same logic, would it not be a unfair to the Is escort detector tuneup worth it to now compare it to either the i or STi Driver since they cost more? Car magazines routinely compare vehicles across Terri richmond escort wide price spectrum. How many times have a you seen comparisons like those of Corvettes to 's and Ferarris?

It's pretty routine, actually. The difference in cost between any of these is much smaller in both absolute dollars and percentage between the likes of Corvette, Porsche, and Ferrari. The Valentine Is escort detector tuneup worth it is not an old detector, not by a long shot. I would argue that the V1 has gone through more incremental updates than either of the top models from either Beltronics or Escort. Valentine is good about not hiding this fact as well. The current shipping version as of today is v3. My model of last year is v3. To Valentine's credit, however, they feel confident that my unit performs at the same level of the current model which is to say exceptional.

However, if I so choose, I can pay a nominal fee to have my detector updated with all of the latest and greatest. It is true that the Valentine is much the same as it was in early 90s in that it's performance continues to be the benchmark in the industry by which all other detectors can be measured. The fact that it's only recently that BEL and Escort have been able to equal, if not sometimes exceed, the sheer radar performance of this detector is a testamant to how darn well this detector was conceived and designed in the first place!

I currently own three models of the V1 including the original one from I would feel comfortable driving with any of them and would prefer even this first model to the vast majority "new" detector models that are less than two years old. Valentines are not old, they are mature. Would any serious automotive journalist consider the GT3 an old car because it is essentially a that's been around for more than four decades? When one purchases a V1, rest assured you will always be purchasing the newest model, even if the name is the same or the appearance hasn't changed much over the initial model that debuted in the early nineties.

Valentine's philosophy is that this is the first and last radar detector you will ever need to purchase and it's a pretty convincing one at that. No more than a given detector's sensitivity to any one radar band is.

I routinely drive throughout NJ and low-powered X-band worhh very slowly being replaced by Ka-band and laser is still very ewcort prevalent and lethal. X-band performance is critical to me and to every other driver in the Garden State. K-band reception woryh also extremely important as I reside worhh PA - where K rules the day, as it still does in a lot of states. It's Is escort detector tuneup worth it arbitrary devaluing of the tunepu importance of one band over another that is purely subjective. I prefer to objectively consider the owrth performance across all bands including laser.

In escott latter case, the V1 has by far the best front and rear sensing abilities as compared tunehp all i other windshield-mount detectors. Nothing else even comes close. Since laser is rapidly increasing in use; it is the detedtor difficult to detect far more so than even the latest digital Ka radar ; and since a laser countermeasure like Veil gives drivers more time to slow down during a laser encounter; the alerting ability to laser is extremely important. In fact, I put this ability ahead every other radar-band. The V1 is the only detector that I have actually experienced that has provided a rare advanced warning to laser while another vehicle ahead was being targeted ; the circumstances were just right and the Valentine has no equal with this nearly impossible feat.

If the name of the game is keeping 'serious drivers ticket-free', then anything that can serve to that end is welcomed and valued. Just yesterday on a driving route in upstate NJ and I, the V1 with it's two antennae and arrows would have most certainly reduced my risk of getting a speeding ticket. I was initially cruising at 90mph when they first alerted. I slowed down to about 80mph in preparation for what appeared to be an ambush from ahead. They know what is safe and not safe when it comes to installing headunits, amplifiers, capacitors, monitors, subwoofers, alarms and more. And sorry but no, if you happen to be an electrician, you're still not qualified to install car stereo components.

We Have the Right Tools The professional installer also has the correct tools available so nothing is broken during the install. We're talking to you, Mr. Butter knives are not intended to remove stock radios! Do you really want to have to explain to your friends why your cool new touchscreen nav receiver is surrounded by white scratches on that nice leather dashboard? Definite deduction in your cool factor score. Unlike your friend's friend named Flint, who you'll never be able to get a hold of again! When you have a question about your equipment or, yikes, if something goes wrong with your equipment, you'll want a professional who will be able to find out a what went wrong and b how to fix it.

Which brings us to our gold star extra credit reason Still not good enough? Okay, consider this one last little bit of info: