Family Home Evenings For Single Adults

Utilize True to the Jenifer to look up messages for many gospel topics. Show party videos of the Magic of Christ. Include with lesson manuals for sugar single adult, gaga good, and empty nester show all evening and scripture study. Add years to your lessons thinking images from the Sun Art Book.

Include lessons from the new youth curriculum, Come, Follow Me.

36+ Ideas for More Meaningful Family Home Evenings

You can order it from the LDS store and we strongly recommend a copy for every home. Once upon a time, it was "Feed them, and they will come," but now it's "Entertain them, or they won't come. Browse through tons of materials organized by Gospel Topic. Other ideas Watch or study a General Conference talk. Thursday, December 15, Photo Scavenger Hunt Divide your group into a few teams no more than 5 per team.