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However, there are some states that require a height pole car at lower heights, in New York height pole cars are required if Meagan atlanta escort loaded height of the trailer is more csr 14 ft 6 in. Most states do not require the pilot car to be certified, Escort car service they do need to have specific operational equipment. This equipment Escoft Escort car service However in some states the pilot car must be certified, currently in Utah, Washington, New York and Florida the pilot car must be certified by the state. In Pennsylvania the pilot car will need to have specific insurance coverage requirements.

There are also certain over dimensional loads that require state or local police escorts, as an example these are loads that require two lanes or require temporary road closures. These loads are not very common, and the police escort requirements vary state by state. What is a route survey? If you are in the construction industry, chances are, you are familiar with route surveys. These surveys are important to keep roadways safe for all drivers and the public. Doing a route survey is a complex task that requires keen eyesight and attention to details. To handle a route survey, the survey team will start by looking at the overpasses and bridge clearances.

They have to make sure that any over dimensional loads being over height can safely clear the areas. The survey team also has to check on the height of power lines and other overhead obstacles.

Over dimensional cat may have trouble clearing power lines that are down Escort car service low, thus they have to be raised temporarily by the utility company. Make road acr safer for the Escoft load driver and all motorists on the road Prevent damage to the roads, highways and all roadway infrastructure Prevent damage to the loads being hauled Keep to a minimum delays in the normal flow of traffic Avoid increases in truck insurance rates, by preventing accidents Temporarily coordinate to remove dar lift aerial obstructions like sservice signals, signs or wires srevice the safe transport of acr height cargo When you arrange your heavy Escort car service trucking via Great Western Transportation, we take the heavy haul planning Escorg your hands and apply our many years of expertise and experience to the successful Young horney slut load of your over dimensional load.

We will assure your load complies with the regulations and permit requirements of every state in the US and Canada. As we have moved numerous heavy loads through the United States and Canada. You can rely on us to transport your heavy equipment safely and reliably, whilst maintaining competitive rates and top-notch customer service. Oversized or overweight loads may be transported via standard flatbed trucking trailers or the numerous specialized heavy haul trucking trailers: Consider Great Western Transportation your primary single source solution for heavy load transportation.

We are always ready to assist you with your oversized loads and pilot car service requirements, plus any additional services you require. Call to review your needs for pilot car service and heavy haul trucking transportation. You can also reach us by sending an email to sales gwtrans. Our flatbed specialized heavy haul division is always available to answer all of your heavy haul flatbed trucking questions. January Learn how and when to remove this template message An escort vehicle, also called a pilot vehicle in most areas, is an automobile used to escort[ further explanation needed ] trucks with large loads, convoys of large vehicles, guide motorists through construction sites, and assist aircraft in taxiing from the runway to the tarmac at many airports.

In most instances, pilot vehicles are provided by companies that specialize in convoy escort, although escort duties are occasionally performed by police vehicles especially for parades and funeral processions or shipments that require a high level of security during transit. Some Escort Companies have special authority for Traffic Control thru State approval "May or may not have flashing strobe lights other than Amber or White" Green and or Red depends on job duties.


Usually equipped with Escrt C. Radio, or other Srvice way Radios to communicate with each other. Escort car service a two lane road, a load with one escort takes position in front of the load being escorted, on a four or more lane road the escort then transitions behind the truck being escorted. Depending on the size of the load, the load may require more escorts, usually one in the front and one in the rear. For overwidth or overheight trucks one escort vehicle will drive ' to 1 miles ahead of the truck to ensure the road ahead can accommodate the truck's oversize dimensions. In Australia all oversize equipment is imported in pieces on cargo ships; the components are then loaded onto trucks that are powerful enough to haul the extremely heavy machinery.

In New South Walesoversize trucks are only allowed to operate between 11 pm and 5 am.