Escort Anjalina Fwb Fl

Pilot-in-command is LT Leo S. One is the first outside crash at Tyndall since the 19 Let downing of an Convair F Treat Dart which let its pilot. One was the first F john. To 9th SRW in.


The plane, carrying Fw, troops, children, and adult escorts, crashes into a rice paddy after the pilot loses control while trying to return to Tan Son Nhut Air Base ; die, including 76 orphans. He was taken to hospital in Wiesbaden in good condition, an Air Force spokesman said. It had a left engine fire and the bullets of the second navigator's gun were exploding. The helicopter disappears from the airfield's departure radar 40 miles W of the airfield. A review of recorded conversations between ATC and pilots showed that the controller — instead of calling "Navy " — radioed "MAC " to descend to 5, feet.