Diy Auto Repair Ford Escort

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In an E-mail to Diy auto repair ford escort, he wrote: You can then fill it in accordingly, depending reapir the car. For a modern motor you can either go for 8, 10, or 15,mile intervals. Then you've got a new service repaur. We agreed to the deal, and two days later the new service book arrived in the post. It was the genuine article, with 'Service Portfolio' and Ford's famous blue oval badge on the front cover. Tord, after all the small print about the warranty, was the page where the dealer ink stamps are supposed to go. This was pristine, except for the rpair four spaces which had a Dagenham Motors service stamp fordd them.

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We could easily have copied the words and details of the Dagenham Motors stamp from the service book, but instead opted for a fictitious dealer name - Yarrow Ford - and gave a false address to illustrate the point. It would have been easy to add a phone contact, too, which is another good way to con a victim. The number could have been ours, so anyone ringing around to check the history of the car would get us telling them the Escort is a rare low-miler in first class condition! Once the stamp arrived in the post, we filled in the blank spaces in the car's original logbook, and when that was full, started stamping the book we got off the Internet, following on from the Dagenham Motors stamps.

Finally, we wrote in the necessary dates and mileage information so that it appeared our car had a full service history and a genuine 31, miles on the clock. So how did this affect the vehicle's value? A spokesman for used car expert EurotaxGlass's told us that we had doubled its worth. However, it does with a prestige model such as a BMW or Mercedes. Used car buyers are prepared to pay as much as that to know a car has been well looked after. Unfortunately, the Web has given them a new way to con people. The sale of blank service books and stamps is something we want to crack down on, and we are calling on local authority Trading Standards departments to act now. And that's perhaps the scariest thing of all.

A spokesman told us: We provide lots of information to people to help them with their purchases, but it's not our place to question the motives of why people are selling things. However, it won't spot fake service records, although it might throw up some information that will make you suspicious of the maintenance schedule you're shown by the car vendor. The spokesman's other recommendation was to "call the garages involved". If there is damage to the frame, get it repaired. Lay one across the hood of the car up to the windshield. Put the second drop cloth across the interior dashboard.

This will prevent broken pieces of the windshield from damaging the car. Use a screwdriver to take them off.

Diu will consist of five pieces and be held in place with small metal clips. Gently use a screwdriver to pry the pieces off the windshield. Take your razor blade and cut around the windshield to break the seal. Insert the crow bar and gently pry the corner of the windshield up. Slowly move the crow bar around the windshield. Have your assistant help you left the windshield out of the frame.

How Do you Replace a Ford Escort Windshield?

Run sandpaper around the mounting surface. Rub the bonding agent onto the mounting surface. Sand the edge of the new windshield that is to face the frame of the car. Apply the bonding agent to this area.