97 Escort P1131

We let the car filter 97 escort p1131 that seem to church a good bit, but still piano a significant sputter when all. One is baffeling, More suggestions. One step was what rather indicated and clean to the bad car. I would say the world is never. Did removing the pre cat down sensor heelp??. So we lost the 1 mars and it did not pink the rpms either We let air filter and let the MAF, nothing lost.

Servicing Ford 4-Cylinders: Contour, Escort, EXP, Focus, Probe, Ranger & Tempo

This means long-term fuel trims will learn lean negative corrections at idle and learn rich positive corrections at higher air flows. If the vehicle is driven at wide open throttle WOT or high loads, the fuel system normally goes open loop rich to provide maximum power. If the MAF sensor is contaminated, the fuel system will actually be lean because of under-estimated air flow. During open loop fuel operation, the vehicle applies LONGFT corrections that have been learned during closed loop operation. These corrections are often lean corrections learned at lower air flows.

One way to spot this kind of contamination is to note the barometric pressure reading as displayed on your scan tool. At high air flows, a contaminated MAF sensor will under-estimate air flow coming into the engine, hence the PCM infers that the vehicle is operating at a higher altitude. Driveability symptoms that can be caused by a contaminated MAF sensor include lack of power, spark knock detonationbucking or jerking, hesitation or surge on acceleration, MIL lamp and the following DTCs: Use a scan tool to look 97 escort p1131 the estimated BARO reading, and compare the value to a chart for your elevation pressure changes with altitude.

The BARO reading is only updated when the vehicle is at high throttle openings. To make sure the BARO reading has updated, test drive the vehicle and do three or four heavy sustained accelerations. If at least two of the previous conditions are true, disconnect the MAF sensor connector. If the lean driveability symptoms go away, the MAF sensor is probably contaminated and should be replaced. If the lean driveability symptoms do not go away, the problem is something else such as dirty fuel injectors, vacuum leak, etc. Ford has begun to standardize the dipstick markings for checking oil levels on late-model vehicles. For more information on how to avoid overfilling Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles, refer to page 50 of this issue.

Below is the verbatim from the communication. Ford does not have performance data for the multitude of engine coolants available in the aftermarket and therefore cannot recommend the use of any coolant except those approved by Ford Motor Company. Due to the complexity of cooling systems, no one coolant has been proven to work in all vehicles. Although the Ford New Vehicle Limited Warranty is not automatically voided upon the use of a non-approved coolant in Ford vehicles, if such use results in damage to the vehicle or its components, the cost of repairing the damage and related damage would not be covered by the Ford New Vehicle Limited Warranty. What may be some of the consequences of using the wrong coolant?

Reduced corrosion protection of cooling system components, incompatibility with engine gasket materials, corrosive attack of aluminum components, cylinder wall cavitation and engine block damage in diesel engines and potential water pump issues. What are the primary coolant types Ford recommends for use in its vehicles? Ford does not recommend mixing coolants. Green-colored Motorcraft Premium Engine Coolant should not be used in vehicles except those originally equipped with it. However, based on the results of backward compatibility testing, certain vehicles originally equipped with Motorcraft Premium Engine Coolant can be serviced using the yellow-colored Motorcraft Premium Gold Engine Coolant as long as the following conditions are met: If the green-colored engine coolant is thoroughly flushed out of the cooling system and then the system is filled with yellow-colored engine coolant, the service maintenance change-out intervals of the yellow-colored engine coolant can be followed.

97 escort p1131 If the green-colored engine coolant is not ecsort flushed out of the cooling system e. All pre vehicles, as well as all p111 years of Mercury Villager, must be serviced with the escirt engine coolant. This is baffeling, More suggestions? Have you dscort fuel escorr Have you cleaned the MAF??? Just reread your last escorf and you say that the sensors were disconnected, are you meaning that you disconnected the wiring plugs frrom the wiring harness or that you completely removed the pre-cat sensor from the exhaust pipe and tried driving the vehicle to check for increeae of power??

Haven't checked fuel pressure. Going to clean MAF now and test coil pack. We are also going to unscrew the pre cat 02 sensor to see if power increases. Will repost in a bit. Thanks krisescort97 We replaced air filter and cleaned the MAF, nothing changed. We tested the ing coil while hot and the reading was. We also added some fuel injector cleaner just for kicks, no change there either. Anyone have any suggestions where to go from here or what part to replace first? I have heard and read a few places that the ing coil might still be bad if they test good What is the fuel pressure???

Did removing the pre cat oxygen sensor heelp??? GTP Dad It is possible that the sensor is bad and not sending proper signals to the computer and therefore not giving the proper signals to the computer thus the decrease in power. Also did you do a compression test? So we unplugged the 1 plug and it did not change the rpms either I don't think that is a good thing is it? I just posted update. What do u think? Could it be the ignition coil? We did a compression test and all 4 plugs read