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He grabs my hair and pulls me towards, but not all the way to his cock. He knows that I know that if he takes her that numerous people will know he is fucking my wife. This whole time Texas Rick had slowed up on my ass fucking, but now he grabs the leather loops, tells me to brace myself and starts hammering me with his 7 inch cock. Husband shares wife's sexy Polaroids with friends Our pace is frantic as Texas Rick decides to jack hammer his way to an orgasm. He yanks back on the straps and tenses. His cock starts to spasm and he pumps his seed in my ass.

I clench my ass to give him the best feeling. I start deep throating him and then sucking hard as I pull back. About the 5th time I do this he explodes onto my face as I pull back. I quickly slide my mouth back over his cock and suck him till he just moans and twitches in my mouth. Slowly I pull back, keeping my lips tight to give him one more pleasurable moment. I then look at him and swallow his Swinging slutwife submissive humiliated husband. The sooner we start the sooner I get to be fucked by the lucky guy who loses first!

Paula and I serve drinks and bring food. He even won a pot and has Paula lean over Female escorts in denver rake in his chips while he continues to finger her. Derek now gets up and picks out a rope and a riding crop. We got a new neck mount. It will help present her breasts more fully. I put the restraints on each wrist and then attach them to the 3ft spreader bar. I tighten the 4 inch collar around her neck and then attach the bar to the back of the collar.

She is both nervous and excited as she knows she is helpless now. I next grab the rope and begin to bind her incredible breasts. Breast bondage is a specialty of mine and using criss-crossing and circling I help her breasts stand up and out from her torso. It is mildly painful but sets her up for much more pain once the bondage starts to restrict the blood flow and her breasts, especially her nipples, get very sensitive. I finish and present her to the group. Do you want me to stop? Steve continues his assault while Scott gets up and gets a riding crop. You will deliver the strikes and then return to the ready position. Say nothing, just obey.

She is now just in her heals and the bondage apparatus. She is looking at me with trepidation. We have discussed this very situation and decided that we would obey and administer pain to each other. But saying that in a safety of our bed is different than being moments away from enduring the painful whims of our masters administered by your spouse. As for me, I would be hard if I could be. I get turned on by bondage and pain, even if it is happening to another. I am committed to obeying my masters and I am ready to strike the first blow.

I count to three in my head. Paula gasps and wiggles a bit. The time makes it much more erotic. I know Paula has time to accept the pain and anticipate the next blow. I show my masters that I am obediently striking her, not frantically getting it over with. Last one is always harder. For the next four or five minutes the only sounds are those of a poker game. I see Paula tense. The crop flies thru the air, not a big arc, but it makes contact just above the left nipple. Her breast is red from the blow. The three seconds is up. I return the riding crop to the same place with the same force.

Paula screams and twists her body. We all know Scott is capable of serious pain delivery. This time I hit her nipple squarely. My cock is straining in its cage as I am stupidly turned on. I aim and connect with blow number two. A small noise comes from Paula. Paula staggers backwards a bit but is completely quiet. She forgot to say thank you. Strike four finds her nipple and I can see her struggling to speak. She is sweating and her hands are balled into fists. I wish I could help, but the pain is hers to absorb.

In a mostly steady voice she offers her thanks. The men return to poker and it is two or three hands later when Texas Rick tells me to bring her to him. He pushes his chair back and instructs me to pull his cock out. I stroke him without being asked because I love a cock in my hand. He then tells Paula to face the group but straddle him in a reverse cowboy, sitting position. She awkwardly gets over him and lowers herself onto his cock. Paula gets working on him, bouncing and grinding. I count to I hit her left breast. She works even harder. I am mean and hit the same spot.

The poker game is paused as the whole group watches the new game unfolding. At all heck breaks lose. My crop finds her right breast once again just a fraction before Rick grabs across her breasts in a bear hug like grasp and drives his cock deep into her as he cums. The group applauds and laughs. Paula is smiling and crying. I know her orgasm was great because when we combine a great cock and pain she has explosive orgasms. He really loves to witness pain. I turn her back towards the group take a step back and start the sequence. I am so worked up from the whole scene that I hit her hard all five blows.


After each one she says thank you. I am so focused now. I have lost my concern for my wife and am completely engrossed with humiliatex this beautiful bound woman getting tortured. But I am delivering the torture and that has me even hornier. Strike two is straight on the nipple. Strike three is a side blow. Paula says thank you each time. Swingibg Swinging slutwife submissive humiliated husband on her right breast and during this Budapest escort prag actually start to cum out of my caged cock. I am truly depraved. Paula never wavers and says her proper thank yous.

Son seduces mother for sex Finally Derek comes over and takes hold of her. He releases her hands from the spreader bar and then detaches it from the collar. He brings her to his seat and has her sit on his lap. She buries her head on his hsuband and softly cries. Slick Rick tells me to slutwjfe over and hand him the riding crop. That is how many humiiliated you hit your wife. Go around the table and offer your ass and the crop to each man. My ass lights Vomero escort with pain. Connor hits me extra hard as I think he got a bit mad at humiliaated for hitting his date so readily.

When I get to Derek, he husban me take my five on my ass then makes me stand in front of him facing him. She then whips the crop around and catches my right upper chest with a hard blow. Derek reaches over and sunmissive my left nipple and roughly pinches it. She hits my nipples five times each and it hurts like a bastard. I obediently say thank you each time. I am sumbissive grateful that Derek gave Paula the opportunity to pay me back. It will make it easier for us to have shared pain once the men leave and it is just us. Scott is the final man with the riding crop and he does not hold back. My ass is absolutely on fire and he just keeps going past five.

I am now the one crying and squeaking out my thank yous. The final count is I am thankful when he finishes. I feel lube being poured down my ass. Soon after Scott roughly enters me. He talks to me as he slowly but firmly pumps his cock in my ass. I took her from you as you were celebrating your anniversary. It was supposed to be a romantic night out and a evening of sex back at that top end hotel you booked. It was our anniversary and we were having a drink at the hotel bar and when I left to go use the bathroom. You came over to chat up my wife. But I was there to find a hot woman to fuck. By the time I returned you had my wife entranced. Finally Paula had to go to the restroom. But I do remember you wasted no time in telling me you were going to take Paula up to the room I booked and make her yours.

I was stunned but also stupidly aroused. And what was your thrust response thrust? And then Paula walked up and you took her in your arms and asked me for the room key. The last thing I saw was you two making out waiting for the elevator. Raw sex and humiliation are a powerful combo. I leaked more cum from my bound prick. Paula reached around and caught some of the drip and rubbed it in my hair. Paula and I quickly began our duties and within 5 minutes the men were ready to play. She turned towards me and smiled, but somehow it was a sad smile. It was the first indication that something was happening.

So come on, we are headed to your bedroom for a proper fuck! Paula and Steve head upstairs and he quickly threw her onto our bed. He smiled wickedly and began to tease her, running his finger across her clit and flicking it into her and back out. Paula is in heaven and about to go higher. Steve plunges his face into her sex and begins to expertly lick her. Paula is squirming and her screams of delight are starting to find their way downstairs. Steve is relentless and soon Paula is orgasming while she moans at a volume to wake the dead. The sounds get a few chuckles from the men at the poker table. They are seriously into the tournament now.

Connor has been eliminated but he is waiting for Steve to finish with Paula and thus is leaving me to my duties. Derek is the big stack and his luck continues as he gets a flush on the river to knock both Ricks out. Suddenly it is just Derek and Scott to duke it out. Come on cocksucker, time to be our slut. Paula totally looks like a freshly fucked woman and Steve has a satisfied look on his face. Connor immediately takes Paula by the hand and head down the hall towards the guest bedroom in the back of the house. They tend to like more privacy as their sex is more intimate.

The Ricks grab seats on the couch, turn on the TV to watch football and instruct me to start sucking. I kneel between them and start stroking both of them. I start with Texas Rick and take his cock head into my mouth. I suck hard as I bob slightly.

My lips bounce over the humiliaged of his cock husbnad my hand keeps Slick Rick hard. First Swinging slutwife submissive humiliated husband little background on me and my interest in this humliiated. My wife and I have been practicing the cuckold lifestyle for over 3 years now. Before that my wife was a Hot Wife and dabbled in swinging and some Domination and submission. I have been active in many cuckold forums, cuckold groups and run my own cuckold group. I actively chat with other cuckolds, Hot Wives and wannabe cuckolds. My lovely Hot Wife and I have met 4 other real life cuck couples. One aspect that I have observed is the confusion between a Hot Wife relationship and a cuckolding one.

It is my opinion that the main difference between the two is in a cuckolding relationship the wife controls the relationship sexually. She makes the decisions about the lovers that she will meet and play with. The cuckold may or may not get to participate in the wife's illicit affairs.