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They are in no way involved with this document. What is its purpose? The ideal escort would look like a model, provide companionship like a girlfriend, perform sex acts like a porn star, and cost next to nothing in terms of money or commitment. Customers know that this is unrealistic and make their own compromises to seek qualities that are important to them and give up ones they value less. Hopefully this database will match the right escorts with their right clients. When an agency describes the girls available, use this to pick the one who provides the service you enjoy.

If another escort matches your goal, make a reservation and wait for her next availability. If you are adventurous, pick an escort who is not yet described here. You can also use this spreadsheet as a starter kit for your own database and keep adding the type of Satin dreams escorts that is important to you. What are its limitations? Since Satin dreams escorts of the information is from anonymous sources, there are bound to be deceptions and exaggerations. But if you use it for choosing say your next 5 escorts, then statistically you will have more of them match your preferences. Does this trivialize escorts? I try to list only activities that the average guy can expect in the first session and not reveal any special options that an escort reserves for favorite clients.

What are the abbreviations and keywords? Rating means appearance: What are my choices? Now you have a regular. And if he sees his particular interest as a bit exotic or shameful, a higher fee is in order. Scratching an itch Men have a tremendous capacity to fetishize all manner of things — from shoes to little pill box hats — almost everything a woman wears has its own group of mildly obsessive devotees. So, of course, do cross-dressing, bondage, corporal punishment and pegging. The list of deviant behaviors is huge. The biggest problem that men with fetishes for particular garments or behaviours have, is that most women have not the slightest idea what these potentially lucrative clients are actually looking for.

Oddly, it is not usually about the stockings or the riding crop or the cute little black lace snood. Rather, they are trying to find someone who is an active rather than a passive participant in their bit of erotic drama. During the initial booking call when dealing with a gentleman wanting a very particular item or action, once you have discovered the object of his obsessions, get into the spirit of the thing. To use the easiest example, if he likes stockings by all means mention that you do too, but suggest he might bring a couple of pairs for you to try on and model for him.

And ask him if he has a preference in garter belts. If he does, suggest he bring a couple of those as well and give him your measurements. Not only will this enhance your lingerie wardrobe, it will also cement the idea that you are looking forward to playing out his obsession as much as he is. Now there will be callers whose erotic fixation is not something you can imagine participating in, and that should be an end of it. However, most fetishes are pretty innocent. That said, if you would like the ease of a regular fetish client, you need to recognize and reflect the fact that he does not see his desires as innocent at all. Men with erotic obsessions invest those obsessions with a great deal of power and, not uncommonly, a high degree of eroticized shame.

For you they may just be stockings, but for your client they may represent something far more meaningful and significant. As an escort, there is a temptation to take these fixations rather lightly.

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To reassure your client that his interest in escortz satin panties is perfectly OK and nothing to be ashamed of, before esorts down that path, it is well worth trying to figure out Satin dreams escorts his actual attitude to his interest is. They tolerate his more obscure interests, which, in turn, trivializes them and takes away their erotic charge. And that is why this gentleman is at Satin dreams escorts apartment shaking with anticipation as you slip on the vintage silk stockings and bend to straighten the seam. This is not an easy task. No caring and sharing For various reasons, xreams live in an increasingly feminized society.

Whether that is a good thing or not Sati a debate for another day, but the reality is that the scope for men to just be men is narrowing by the day. However much we do not want to go back to the bad old days when men and Satih attitudes were all that mattered in business, the social world and at home, the fact remains that men have genuinely lost something edcorts their innate natures have been tamed. And although they miss it, they are far too politically correct to admit it. While no one would want to live in that world full time, there is much to be said for the occasional return to the primitive.

For some men, the idea of visiting a girl who actually encourages them to drop their politically correct personas and bring back the gentlemanly, but very much dominant man of a long gone past, is enticing. Simply eliminating the pretense of the caring, sharing, oh so engaged, modern man and replacing it with a rougher hewn version can be hugely relaxing for a man. Taking a bit of time away from that world is a gift a man can give himself. Of course, it does mean that an escort may be putting herself in the way of her client telling, not asking, her to take off her blouse. And in the bedroom, his needs will rule and hers will be largely ignored.

But, at the end of the encounter, she will have a thoroughly satisfied and very happy client. There is, of course, a fine line between retro man and an abusive jerk. Here an escort needs to be careful with her screening and also make entirely sure that she stays in charge during the date, even despite appearances to the contrary. By catering to a baser side that many men spend a lot of time repressing, an escort can create a roster of retro regulars who like their whiskey straight and their girl nearly naked. A good time can be had by all. And the cash is now in your wallet, not his. Celebration A big win; a huge deal; closing a sale; the business world is filled with moments of triumph.

Some businessmen will go for drinks with their business buddies, others will decide a great dinner, plenty of champagne and the delights of a happy ending with a pretty girl is just what they deserve. The key to the celebration date is to celebrate. Your client is feeling his oats. Your job is to keep the high going. Along with the adult services, your date is paying for an audience for his triumph. Men, particularly Alpha men, often enjoy the telling as much as the doing. Be skilled at acting interested. More importantly, be interested. Everything from litigation to great stock plays, have a human side.

Get him to give you Satin dreams escorts background and, of course, his background. Now is the time to tease him and pull out some sexy suggestive moves. A discreet under the table maneuver is not out of line. Your mission is to be his celebration. And so will some of his business friends. Come celebrate with me. You are the best and you deserve the best: For celebration dates, it is always wise to get the money entirely up front. Fun as dancing may be, the fact is dancing means more drinks and your Alpha male can turn into a drunken fail by midnight. His hotel or your apartment are a much better idea. Escape Some men like to visit escorts to spend an hour or two entirely outside their day-to-day life.

Men, especially successful men, lead incredibly stressful lives. They do business all day, business socializing in the evening, and have loads of people constantly asking them for decisions, advice and worst of all, their time. For men like this, it never stops. Until he comes to your apartment, turns off his phone and sinks into a comfortable chair with a glass of wine or a good single malt scotch. This sort of client pays his lawyers thousands of dollars an hour, he grabs last minute flights across the country and stays in luxury suites at the finest hotels. Money is not his problem.