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I could be wrong, of course, and the good sisters in grade school may have been correct with their dire warnings against pre-marital anal sex. This of course has nothing to do with Delilah and everything to do with her. Because a butt naked Delilah could swerve any man away from the thoughts of young altar boys and three dollar a bottle sacramental Muscatel. If you must ask, and you certainly would, these Delilah musings occurred to us when she was brought back into the picture recently. A Tampa-based website www2. We also learn about her favorite bad stripper movies and you may want to add some of those to your growing collection. No relation to porn legend Samantha Strong, who may or may not be residing in a psycho ward in Northern California this very instant, Delilah got into the business in One of the main attractions to Bar Louie is the handcrafted cocktails or martinis.

Bar Louie prides itself on having excellent cocktails with knowledgeable bartenders that can rocan you a cocktail from scratch based upon your personal tastes. Be careful though, the cost of drinks is a bit on the pricey side so you might find yourself spending more than you wanted to spend. Another great thing about Bar Louie is the large number of TVs throughout the bar. The TVs make Bar Louie a great spot to watch a game and enjoy some drinks and the bar fills up quickly during Lightning or Rays games. Overall, Bar Louie is a traditional American bar with great food and a great selection of beers. The crowd is generally laid back and enjoying pints of Guinness or Irish whiskey.

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Some Irish bands play live music from time to time and some of the Pueeto attract locals and tourists alike. The food is traditional Irish food with Puerto rican escorts tampa most popular food item being the fish and chips. Four Green Fields needs little explanation. There simply is no better Irish bar in Tampa. The atmosphere is quieter and the mood is a bit more intimate due to the dimly lit bar. The Mermaid Tavern is a wine bar so the only drinks on the menu are beer or wine. There are twenty beers on tap that contain local craft beers and your standard domestic beers.