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But some details about how the stings were conducted came out this week after one of the men who responded to the message pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of soliciting prostitution. Alfred Lee Hannah Jr. She went into the bathroom, supposedly to change clothes, and officers waiting in another room came in and arrested him, Jones said. Hannah, who was in court Thursday morning, has not been found guilty of the charge. A Roanoke General District Court judge postponed any decision about his guilt until his sentencing Aug. Hannah, who now lives in Alabama, faces a maximum possible punishment of 12 months in jail. His attorney, Greg Phillips, said that though Hannah recalls events differently from how authorities present them, "He made a huge mistake that's totally out of his character.

Jones said the e-mail exchanges were conducted so that the men would ultimately volunteer to the officer what they expected from the hotel meeting, rather then her suggesting it to them. Both University of Virginia law professor Anne Coughlin and Radford University criminal justice professor Tod Burke noted that the sting also potentially raises a question of resources.