Escort 8500 Review

The passenger is also a SpecDisplay, a magic that is exclusive to the Heavy X A re-programmable computer by Motorola is also blue. Blue the bluethe new X50 messages an amazing job thinking X, K, and Ka mars. I all scheme avoiding buying a world unit if it doesn't pain with the waiting. So why am I waiting. Take here to get free introspection for a lady time only!.

On the contrary, like the original version of thethe X50 is extremely easy to install and operate. Mounting the unit is as Escort 8500 review as finding a desired spot on Escort 8500 review deview windshield via its bracket and conventional suction cups. The Escort allows you to keep it Escott its original settings or you can manually program the unit to your own preferences. Manually programming the can be a bit confusing at first due to its wide array of options, but I am confident that virtually anyone could learn how to program this unit within the first day of ownership.

If you have any problems with the setup of your Escortit comes with a very informative operation manual that, as mentioned, you will need. Even though I rarely exceed the maximum speed limit, I like to have a radar detector in my vehicle just in case my foot turns to lead. Sometimes I will be in a hurry and not realize that I am going over the speed limit. Having a radar detector with an effective alert system is a good reminder to check your speed. Since I do a mix of both city and highway driving, all bands except for X come in handy. Like the originalthe new X50 does an amazing job detecting X, K, and Ka bands. Unlike the original, however, the new X50 will detect POP radar which you will have to activate in the settings menu.

Escort Passport 8500 X50 Radar Detector Review

POP reiew not be exactly common as of yet, though its supposed to be more common in the near 85500. In comparison to my Bel Vector, my variety of Cobras, and PNI Escort 8500 review, the original and the updated Escogt takes the cake when it comes to sensitivity and overall performance. This is just fine with me, as I was perfectly content with the performance of the original. Like most radar detectors, the Escort X50 lets you know about radar threats via a Escort 8500 review which becomes more prevalent as you get closer to the radar signal. The does not come with the option of voice alerts, which is fine since I have never been too ecstatic about voice alerts anyway.

It would have been nice, however, if the x50 could have incorporated arrows, like the V1, which point in the direction where radar is coming from. The Escort does, however, come with a very easy to read red colored LED display. A blue LCD display is optional, though I wasn't about to shell out 40 more dollars for a trendy blue LCD display, so I stuck to the original red color no extra cost. Since the Escort is very sensitive to all bands, it has the option of multiple city modes to help eliminate those annoying false alarms i. X band X band can usually be blamed on things as simple as home alarm systems. Highway patrol cars rarely use X band these days, in fact I have never seen a police car using X band.

Escort 8500 review usually just have my set in auto mode, revlew does an excellent job eliminating false X band 850. When it comes to K and Ka band protection, the Escort offers excellent performance. The local police in my area use exclusively Ka and K radar, so a radar detector that is sensitive to these signals is Escorh important. Usually the can detect a Ka or K signal as far as 3 miles away on flat terrain. Naturally this type of performance quickly deteriorates on twisty roads, however my Escort X50 does an exceptional job detecting K and Ka bands even on sharp bends in the road, especially compared to my old Bel and revjew Cobra In a very amateur road test, reciew new detected both Ka and K bands between 20 and 30 seconds sooner than my Cobra As for POP protection goes, I have only owned two radar detectors that have had this feature; my current Escort 8500 review the Cobra While it's still very rare to get POP warnings, my Escort detects this type of radar reeview sooner than my Cobra In fact, the Cobra's POP protection seems basically useless in comparison.

But I digress, the Escort could improve in this department as well. To explain, POP detection is usually only effective on straight roads, rendering it useless for driving on twisty roads or in mountainous terrain. Also, a negative about using POP detection is that it will increase the amount of false alerts you will receive when you have it activated. Fortunately, with the Escortit doesn't overload with false alerts like my Cobra Back in I did get a faulty Passport probably due to shippingbut it was quickly replaced and I never had any problems with my Passport thereafter.

It can detect all of the radar bands that are currently in use in North America for speed detection such as X, K and Ka bands. This unit also has detection diodes for laser signal detection. You can also get the ZR3 laser jamming system that is compatible with the Escort Passport radar and laser detector. This unit also has a highly sensitive receiving system and a digital signal processor that is designed to detect and pick up Pop radar signals from a safe distance. The Escort X50 radar and laser detector has a unique alert system. The volume of the alerts progressively grows louder as the threat comes closer to your vehicle. You can set the level of volume for your own convenience through the settings mode.

This unit is smart enough to detect and filter out false signals that your vehicle might encounter while driving. The display of this unit is a colorful LCD display, the brightness of which can be changed by you for your convenience. The display is also a SpecDisplay, a feature that is exclusive to the Escort X This feature displays the actual frequency of the radar signal that is being received. This unit also features a VG-2 radar-detector detector protection. Escort Passport Review During my research regarding this Escort Passport X50 radar detector, I was surprised to see a lot positive customer reviews.

Escort products have always satisfied their customers and this time is no different. I found a total of customer reviews regarding the Escort X50 on Amazon. All of the reviewers have praised the user friendly nature of this device.