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Singles swinging the trend is continuing: Take a look into the lives of these singles to discover Singles swinging of Moen's key findings in the battle of the sexes: DIY Desire When it comes to home improvements, today's busy singles aren't afraid to take on projects. On average, both single men and women take on four home improvement projects per year. From those big and small, Moen actually found that more men are planning to do dining room and basement remodels in the next 12 months compared to women, who have their sights set on the bathroom. In addition to how often homeowners take on DIY projects, Moen sought to find the motivation behind some of these renovations.

While half of single women said home improvement projects kept them busy, more men responded as wanting to try to keep up with the latest trends and preparing for major life changes 36 percent and 28 percent respectively. To Spend, or Not to Spend? Women have a reputation of loving to shop. And while that may be true for personal indulgences -- it's not the same for home improvements. Another big cost for remodeling is hiring extra help. Not all DIY projects can be easy to achieve alone, however, more and more singles are looking to take on projects themselves.

When it comes to less labor intensive or more detail-oriented home improvements, such as installing cabinet knobs, new window treatments or a shower rod, it seems men don't want to be bothered with the little things. Moen's research shows that more women than men would handle these projects themselves instead of hiring someone else to do it for them. Kitchen Updates From entertaining to cooking, in general, we all know that women tend to spend more time in the kitchen. However for single ladies, remodeling this space isn't a project they are looking to tackle on their own. They -- more often than men -- will hire help or rely on a friend or family member for assistance. When it comes to kitchen remodels, men take on the actual physical labor more than women do.

And in the kitchen, what changes matter most? The Milford Connecticut Senior Center, for example, offers dance and exercise lessons, Tai Chi, conversational Spanish, French, and Italian classes, and computer skills workshops. Gray recommends taking on projects and activities that encourage interaction in order to achieve a common goal. Afterward, you can relax at a concert, golden oldie review, or comedy show. Retiring to a college town such as Providence, R. For example, Towson University in Maryland offers a tuition waiver program for state residents age 60 and older who don't work full time.

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These retirees also get free access to the library and recreational facilities, as well as discounts to campus Sinhles. Another great way to meet other singles is to ask your friends to make Singles swinging introduction. Savor a glass of wine with a friend in Santa Rosa, Calif. You might also take a bottle to go and hike the local redwood forests, observe the stars at the Santa Rosa Junior College Planetarium, or share a giggle over a Peanuts comic strip at the Charles M. Romance can also flourish in waterfront towns like Boston suburb Quincy, Mass. For an interlude that's more adventurous than an amorous walk in the surf, try your hand at scuba diving along the coral reef system in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.