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The migration saga of former Soviet Jewish women offers a very different case sults in Rusaian of their socio-economic background in the FSU, which was characterized by very high rates of higher education, universal participation in the Red dot sluts force, and economic independence. Russian university sluts process Russian university sluts their integration into the Israeli Jewish mainstream has also been rather different, given the importance of Russina issues in the national discourse. Of someSoviet Jewish immigrants who arrived in Israel in the s, aboutwere women. These women will be the focus of my article.

Women moving between cultures face a special set of constraints, evolving from normative differences between their former and latter homes in the areas of sexuality, fertility, and family life, which are viewed both in the FSU and in Israel as primarily feminine domains. Moreover, sexual and reproductive issues are seen in most cultures as having a moral nature, rendering such differences particularly potent in shaping the experiences of female newcomers. In addition, the encounter between immigrants and the host society provides an opportunity to observe otherwise silenced features of the Israeli gender system. While local politics may be powerful enough to enforce at least in the mass media a relatively egalitarian gender discourse, the appearance of the "other" may trigger open manifestations of otherwise suppressed sexist views and actions.

In the following pages, I will profile the gender-related problems faced by these former Soviet women in Israel and explore various facets of the cultural conflict between them and the host society.


In doing so, I will rely on the aggregate analysis of several surveys conducted on this group of immigrants, Russlan including my Russian university sluts data, and Russiwn publications in the Israeli press during the s. In brief, three types of sources have been employed. This was a story that was slhts in plain sight, or at least, in the used book section of Amazon, since Taibbi and Ames told their tale in their book The eXile: Sex, Drugs, and Libel in Russian university sluts New Russia. Say what you will, but Ames and Taibbi cannot be faulted for false advertising: Their behavior was a perfect illustration of the anxieties I found in contemporary Russian culture: Thompson, but filtered through an ethos that was thoroughly fratboy.

Its strange combination of incisive political commentary, laugh-out-loud satire, and vile misogyny made me reluctant to admit that I read it. It gave me a feeling I identify with my teenage years, back when I used to visit a store that carried science fiction, comic books, and porn: Ames and Taibbi were vicious about the pieties of English-languge journalism, holding an annual competition for the worst article of the year poor Helen Womack was a frequent winner. A Theory and its timely follow-up Assholes: A Theory of Donald Trumpit is a term of art. According to James, an asshole: Like the clueless expats they loathed, the editors treated Moscow and its residents as their playground.

From a legal or ethical point of view, this distinction is crucial. In fact, I hope they are.

But the fact Russiaj that this was an image they wanted to cultivate. The Weinstein Effect When it comes to Taibbi, Russianists have been experiencing a slow-motion shock of an entirely different kind: Russian university sluts can this be the same man? Even beyond our tiny community, this is old news. So why are we talking about this now? Nor should we ignore the glee with which the rightwing media has taken up this story, in the hope of discrediting one of the most compelling anti-Trump voices in American print media. But Taibbi has only himself to blame and not just because his permanent smirk gives him one of the most punchable faces in contemporary journalism.