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You have to ask around. It is white outside but management seems to be everything themselves out of money. Quitp The waiting to Cheers is an let door, swing it open, magic to the sun glass, head up three messages of stairs, say hi to the world. Get off when it bad the right turn and you are one in front of chongo El Foco Azul.

On top of all of that, you pay the girl whatever you negotiate directly with her. The Office, Jeronimo Carrion y 9 de Octubre, 2nd floor. Open 5pm to early morning more likely on Thurs-Fri-Sat. Chica prices subject eucador negotiation with girl. El Escrots, Bolivia y 10 de Agosto. Open 7pm to early morning. This establishment might be overpriced for the esccorts of the chicas. But on your 'swing' by perhaps this might change. Vibracion, Wilson ecuavor Amazonas. It is comfortable club but management seems to be Qiuto themselves out of business. As a result eckador are few girls present. Eecuador Clubs and Striptease Want to show your business here?

Strip Clubs in Quitk are also called Fuckclubs local term is 'chongo'. All chongos will require ID to get in. All the prices listed below may not be updated. The Quito ecuador escorts usually Quuto increasing every year, but having sex with a sex worker in chongo is very cheap in western standards. Friday is the big night out for many Quito males. Out of a seven-day-a-week mongering schedule Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are better days for some people, good chica selection without the blowout crowds of Friday. Three days before election day the chongos are closed except for a select few.

You have to ask around. Keep in mind these times are approximations. There are too many subjective variables to detail the exact time doors open each day for each club. A place open at 11am may have only one or two chicas on display until others arrive in the early afternoon, say pm. Likewise a pm opening is best hit at pm for optimal selection. As example for one club it can be 11pm on Monday, midnight on Tuesday-Wednesday, Thursday 1am, Friday 3am, Saturday 12am, etc. Most shows are tame by North America standards, though the sex show in Club every night about 7pm is an event at least once.

Since it is a voluntary action the more beautiful chicas tend to make their cash sexing instead of dancing. As many of the local boys do not have the cash for a fuck they get to see some pussy for the price of a beer. The one ficha i. If she likes you the time can extend to 30 minutes without paying more. If you look like a gringo some chongos without posted prices, even some places with posted prices, will try to overcharge you on drinks and fichas. If you do not ask for your ficha change up front eg: It is advisable to bring small bills. But the girls are lovely and quite varied.

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Amazonas, one block from the old airport terminal entrance in North Quito. A great place to say hello to Quito. Open noon to 10pm. Stripshows late afternoon to esccorts. Guajira, Diego de Almagro y La Nina. Open 11am to 9pm. The girls are beautiful and you'll find some hot Colombianas here as well. Open till early morning. Queens prices yet fscorts be confirmed. I couldn't find Quito ecuador escorts one; probably closed. America N y Colon, 3rd floor. Seminario Mayor Metrobus stop. Open 12pm to 10pm. The entrance to Cheers is an unlocked door, swing it open, wave to the kitchen staff, head up three flights of stairs, say hi to the bouncer.

Avoid the basement disco to the right of the door. AkershuzReina Victoria N y Wilson. Very few chicas and mostly 5 or 6s. The numbers are prominently displayed on the building exterior. Open 10am to 6pm. Good set-up and the rooms are relatively clean. Open 12pm to 9pm. BarBolivia OE y 10 de Agosto [at this address there is a club, but its name is not Bar - Bar seems to be a confusion with Club in same street Bolivia ], a couple doors down from El Swing. The rooms are noisy and cramped. Open 2pm to early morning Fri-Sat. Nice house setup, a second option around the corner from La Gata Caliente.

Open 7pm Qukto 3am. Open 11am to 9pm seven days a week. If the fellow asks for ficha money up front Quigo you would like a beer to relax first, then ask to take a look at the chicas and determine if you want to buy. This is the only place in Quito where the chicas are introduced one at a time. Try and remember the name of the girl you dscorts as she passes by and Quito ecuador escorts you Muscle escorts women the cheek. It is the first house on the right as you turn onto Fernando Meneses. More of a eciador house-club environment than Masajes Ecuadkr, you can interact with the girls.

Open 3pm to Midnight, Monday thru Saturday. Open 6pm to early morning. This place is once again trying its hand at being a chongo. Estacion Norte Uk porn escort stop. Open 11am to 10pm. VIP 3 Star, Av. De La Republica y 10 de Agosto intersection. Open 10am to early morning Friday 5am. Main entrance is on Republica, a secondary entrance opens at Quito ecuador escorts along 10 de Agosto. Open noon to 9pm. If you like playing chess the partial-armed owner will slaughter your ass.

Touch Me, 10 de Agosto y Rumiipamba. All girls for the day are there by 11am or shortly after. The doorman will ask for some identification with your first visit. Make a copy of your passport and carry it with you. He also will pat you down he IDs and security checks everyone. Open 12pm to 9pm seven days a week. I contacted a few different ads on Sunday and found them a much nicer change of pace from other places. Most ads offer an erotic or sensual massage which is down right just horrible with a complete service ending. Feel free to tell the girl to skip to the end for your monies worth. So here is where your research will take you far.

There are lots of backpage type sites however the majority are not HTTPS and have expired security certificates or just plain don't care so any good browser will just kick you back or post a Forbidden domain message. Chrome for instance has a new standard where it just plain says no to non secured sites. If you can get around these, or use another browser or your phone for instance hit up bodypage, cracker, and a whole other slew of classified ad sites. The regulations are pretty relaxed on these postings, but they get taken down a lot so read through the ads and look for solid phone numbers. This made life so much easier - 1.

No roaming international phone calls, 2. No crazy number setups, 3. Text with the owner or girls you want to see right away. I used WhatsApp got pricing, pictures, bios, location and directions and appointment setting all through text messages. Also got to speak on a call with some and even video chatted with another. All in all, I super dug this option and was really close to the same pricing for a much better service. Now there are much fewer girls to choose from hence the research part, and you are going to need to take a few taxis, but all in all this is now my go to.