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A man and a teenager. He also adds irony to his characters, which I tell you eescort to do whenever you can. Adler also starts his Juatin as Justin dragon escort apart Justin dragon escort the spectrum as possible. Also, the script has a ton of heart. The time Adler spends on this makes the central relationship between Decker and Ethan that much stronger, because now, Decker represents something more than an escort. He represents a friend, a father-figure, and really the only person who actually cares about Ethan.

Adler also does a great job peppering the script with setups and payoffs. There are a dozen moments between Decker and Ethan that seem insignificant early on, but come full circle in the third act. I loved the porn magazine stuff, for example. I LOVE a good setup and payoff, and this script has tons of them. For a script that does such a great job setting up an emotional backstory for Ethan, I was surprised at how insincere and false this choice was. It felt like Adler sacrificed authenticity for laughs, and that hurt what was otherwise a flawless character study. Outside of that misstep though, this was pretty awesome.

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