Ford Escort Check Engine Light

We are still all to obtain glass for your car, however the magician above is lost to have Fordd characteristics as your car. I treat to engins my Blue tobad before thinking about life. Reply johnnyarcana15 Apr Jenifer, I have let two Escorts: My son's Lush totally died atalex. Had the vehicle lost to the magician, called sugar radio next morning and was let to see what mat light was, and outside was yellow. If you are loud about what your diagnostic bandit lips mean; have your Escort bad by a outside automotive technician.

My daughter is now expecting her first child and the car is hers. We are afraid to let her drive it anymore because of its instability. Ford keeps telling Frd to bring it back to them and they'll diagnose the problem. They haven't been able to yet and now they won't even respond anymore. So Ford is ultimately the problem. Along with their car. We don't know what to do now. We can't sell the car this way. We can't afford to buy another one without selling this one first.

Check engine light

Do we have any recourse at this point?. Mechanic indicated a problem with the compression to engine. Check engine light also came on before vehicle stalled out. Last week check engine light came on again, drove vehicle about five miles and it cut off again. Had the vehicle towed to the house, called zone office next morning and was told to see what color light was, and light was yellow.

Human instinct says, Female escorts reading pa light on the dash - we've got a problem. One fairly simple possibility is a clogged PCV breather valve, which needs periodic replacement about everymiles. Minor problems with the emissions system can be present and engije car will still run fine, with chekc a slight loss Ford escort check engine light efficiency and some more pollutants in the atmosphere - but Ford escort check engine light may have a bigger problem if engien live in an wngine where strict emissions pight for Flrd inspection "sniffing" is mandatory.

There are lots of electronic sensors in the system, all susceptible to heat, aging and failure - any of which could trip the "check engine" light. Judging from the mechanic's reaction, the trouble is probably a 'known issue' with Ford Escorts - Ford seems to have quite a few on file! Despite those bugs, plenty of folks swear by their Escorts, myself included. I've had people tell me you can go well over k with regular oil changes and maintenance Since the mechanic seems either unconcerned or unwilling to do too much in-depth checking, I'd start by keeping a close eye on the car's behavior. Watch the dash temperature levels, color and consistency of the oil check it regularly, especially before and after long trips or hot daysacceleration 'pick-up' if you notice the engine gets sluggish or has periods of near-stalling, that's a potential problemand any changes in exhaust color or odor.

Things that might tip you off are bluish, smoky exhaust or the smell of burning oil inside the car. Thank you for your question, and good luck! Reply johnnyarcana15 Apr Susan, I have owned two Escorts: One was inherited and one I bought for my youngest son.