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Chico and Rita dazzled me from its start with its rich portrayal of life in Havana in the days when Cuba was a popular travel destination for Americans. I loved the homage to the famous Tropicana nightclub. The film doesn't shy away from showing how life in the glamorous capital was for its citizens like Chico and his friend Ramon, young black men who lack money but are talented and ambitious. From its start it reveals frankly how they are barred from entering nightclubs and hotels not just because they are poor but also because the establishments are for Chicos escort cuba only.

The beautiful Rita can gain entrance, only Charlotte escort nc services she has to work as an escort for rich Yankee tourists. The movie is a tribute to the Latin American musicians and singers who became a major influence on American music and popular culture. I very much appreciated the nod to Nat King Cole' s making Spanish language songs hits worldwide; it was great to discover in the documentary included in the DVD that Nat King Cole's brother Freddie honored his brother's memory by adapting his style in his vocals for the film. The animation is sensational: I was tickled by the newly arrived Chico and Ramon's struggles to adjust to the unfamiliar snowscapes around them and the ice under their feet: The animation isn't afraid either to be frank and adult: One of the movie's highlights is a fantastic dream sequence that salutes the musicals of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Chico and Rita's love story reveals also their troubled love affair with the music that inspires them and the country that fires their ambitions. Success gives them Cadillacs, their names on marquees, and large apartments in skyscrapers, but it also brings danger and pain: Chano dies in the midst of a violent argument about money and drugs, after telling Chico and Ramon that he can't travel to the South of the United States because the racists there are viler than the ones in Cuba. Rita's stardom is hollow as she can't stay in the Las Vegas hotel that she is headlining. Her candor about the prejudice she faces kills her career.

Ultimately Chico suffers rejection from both countries he loves. We stayed in touch. Last year he asked me to draft a license application and sample itinerary.

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In January Chico, 14 eager motorcyclists flew south from Chicos escort cuba to participate in a day all-Cuba program under a special license issued in April by the U. Secret police and sexy La escort girls. Cuba is nothing if not surreal. With its bridges Chicoa magically from the hCicos, La Farola struck me as a marvelous piece ecort engineering. Beyond the summit the world fell away as the road spiraled down Chicos escort cuba Baracoa, hovering on the distant horizon beneath a brooding twilit fusion of valley and molten sky. Cuba is the flattest isle of the Greater Antilles. Our route was mostly level; the roads well-paved.

West from Baracoa, however, the shoreline highway whittled down to an unpaved scrambler trail—a real roller-coaster—pitted with potholes brimming with a bouillabaisse of blood-red mud accumulated after recent rains. This km-long enduro section added a welcome and adventurous challenge sandwiched between two full weeks of non-technical riding. I rode the trail standing up as I hauled along in third gear. By comparison, the F seemed so incredibly light and responsive—a bike tailored for touring Cuba. Since shipping a motorcycle across the Florida Straits is virtually impossible, our bikes—a combination of BMW Fs and Fs, plus four Harley-Davidsons—were supplied by a Danish company, Motorcycle Tours Cuba, that has been offering two-wheel tours for Europeans since U.

The company also supplied a support van to carry our gear. Wherever we stopped, Cuban males coalesced to give us Chicox fives and marvel at the exotic Beemers. How big is the engine? Then Cuba spun off into Soviet orbit. No more Harleys were imported, thanks to the U. Keeping them going is a testament to Cuban resourcefulness, ingenuity, and indefatigable optimism in the face of shortages and other difficulties we can barely imagine. Hecho en Cuba, chico! Cars from the Eisenhower era are everywhere: And other relics of Mafia-era ostentation putter along beside modern Japanese taxis, sober Russian-made Ladas, and dour cc Urals with sidecars.