1994 Escort Ford Free Lx Manual Online Repair

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I ended up with two sets of keys - one for the doors that were programmed to start the ignition, but wouldn't turn the keyand one for the ignition that would turn the lock, but not start the car because the chip wasn't programmed!

1994 escort ford free lx manual online repair

They "get all escrt money" but you can code it to your old key. There's a special tool to fit ohline cap but all it does is peen over the edges nice and neatly. Instructables will help you learn how to make anything! I haven't checked [hey, I sell the Ford stuff! To program the new keys, I removed the ignition switch from the opposite side of the column, and used a screwdriver to turn the ignition with the various keys in the lock. The new part that I got was different from the other cylinder: