Wiring Ford Escort

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I had changed the fuel filter, in trying to make it run also checked Wirimg Plugs, and power to same, and hearing the click from the cold Start Cut Off Valveand eventually got around to bleeding air from the fuel return union. This didn't seem too effective as a pump, but eventually I got diesel trickling out. So then it fired up for the first time for a several days.

Went for a trip around the blocks and Wiring ford escort runs lumpy, missing and poor pickup. Now a friend told me that the CAV fuel Wiring ford escort on his, some years ago, so memory a little dim on symptoms, leaked air and that was his problem. From what he said it sounded similar to mine. Now here is another Double fucked slut It must be diesel, its wet and oily looking and I havn't spilled anything in there. So if fuel is leaking out then it seems reasonable that air is getting in and causing the bad running.

Would any expert agree before I pay out quite a lot of money for a replacement fuel filter housing? Gary 07 July The E or earth wire is unused, if you remove the regulator then discard the wire or tape it out of the way. For the more powerful alternators it will be necessary to replace the original dynamo wire with a thicker wire, if you have the wire from a donor car then this is ideal. Dynamo equipped cars tended not to have the fuseable link so the alternator can be connected to the battery. It may be more convenient to connect it to the battery-solenoid cable, and this is fine. The wire from the dynamo to the regulator should be discarded or taped up. Remember now that although your new alternator has adequate cabling to the battery that the car's original wiring may not be up to the extra demands placed upon it.


For example the headlights would be fed from a apir of relays between the battery and the headlights. The shorter and thicker the wire the brighter Wiring ford escort headlights will be and this avoids any voltage drop across the original switches and wiring. Remember to fit fuses as well; a fused relay is often a convenient solution. One final caution, you may find that your instruments are no longer accurate because an alternator generates a higher voltage in the electrical system than a dynamo!