Legacy Escort Shotgun And Review

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Gun Review: Legacy Waterfowl Extreme Shotgun

If you take the time to fiddle with the spacers and shims, the average to large male should find no problem in getting a solid fit that anf naturally. The safety escot the typical cross-bar variety located behind the secort tang, Legacy escort shotgun and review the button is easy to engage and disengage, but having it on the stock would have been ideal. It stood up to the fingernail test and did not immediately mar; however, very quickly after shooting, it was easy to see how the heat made the finish start to chip. I finished up and headed home to clean a very dirty gun. It is always a risk to go with the lesser known company, but Hatsan has made a strong product for a damn competitive price.

Each shot was smooth, the gun was ready to fire as soon as the trigger reset back to ready, and my shoulder was starting to hurt the buttpad is hard rubber, and when firing stronger loads, you will feel it.