Ford Escort Mk1 Owners

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So in earlyafter some hasty planning, Taylor and Ford's Public Ford escort mk1 owners Officer, Walter Hayes managed to convince the Board of Directors that their concept would work. The chiefs agreed that a few prototypes could be built. Enter the next problem - all the tooling had already been frozen for production of the new Escort, so a standard production Escort shell was all the Twin Cam developers could use. In actual fact, during a Spring weekend inthe only 'vehicle' they could lay their hands on was a plastic mock-up shell.

Nevertheless, the candle was burnt at both ends to try and cram in all the Lotus Cortina mechanicals. Yes, you've guessed it - at first, the jigsaw wouldn't fit together!

A few of the problems encountered owndrs as follows The wide Lotus DOHC cylinder head with its twin sidedraught Weber carburettors fouled the offside inner wing, so offset engine mountings were ownets to push the nose of the engine towards the nearside of the car. The rear carburettor also Ford escort mk1 owners the brake master cylinder, so this was relocated inside the front bulkhead along with the clutch master cylinder. There was also Ford escort mk1 owners space to locate both the battery and the brake servo in ownerx engine bay so the battery was relegated to the nearside of the boot well as per the Mk1 Lotus Cortina. The remote brake servo was then mounted where any standard Escort's battery would be.

Moving the battery to the boot meant that the spare wheel was bolted flat to the boot floor instead of being housed in the standard Escort's upright position. The "E" gearbox and its bellhousing borrowed from the Ford Corsair were made to fit by literally adjusting the transmission tunnel with a few hefty blows from a lump hammer! The rear axle from the Lotus Cortina was transplanted completely including the latter's radius arms to allow positive axle location. In short, by the end of that busy weekend, the mechanics at Boreham had solved all the major problems. Now their manager had to work on Ford's production staff to convince them to build the Twin Cam alongside Halewood's main Escort production line.

The authorities at Halewood eventually agreed to produce Twin Cam bodyshells known as Type 49 at their factory.