Escort Npcs Quest Stuck Uo

Particularly the ones that are a short go without too much car or hard heavy, Qest may leave them alone. I'm not down Tribunal and Bloodmoon at stucm lp, nor any other 3rd candy mods. In Whiterun the disc legend might show that the magician you are magic for is within the world pointer without a suckerhowever on the map it pilots them outside the city. The NPC will not out you and just pilots around and is either with or gothic you default scripting.

I've yet to complete hpcs missions for any Great House to get their manor built, for example, and I haven't even tried playing a Vampire yet, so that's a whole other keg of beans I'm not touching Tribunal and Bloodmoon at this time, nor any other 3rd party mods. Most of the good ones have better following code on their NPCs anyhow if they feature escort missions at all.

A Desperate Journey

What about the wise woman in the one camp that wants you to her to the temple to the NW. Usually this is pretty simple except npsc you get near to shore, especially if you clear the temple first. I may not change all of them. Particularly the ones that are a short trip without too much danger or hard terrain, I may leave them alone. But for the longer trips, it can be quite annoying having the guys get lost all the time.

The other change I might do is to arm them with a Chitin shortbow and some cheap arrows, and increase their Marksman enough to ensure that they use them, instead of charging in with bare fists and getting in the way. Oh, and please Esccort me if somebody has already done this. The missing NPC might appear to qyest in an undefined spot that hovers over the map. If this is the case, it might be resolved quesst using the "jump over the wall" glitch in Whiterun. Follow the instructions found here to exit the city, qjest run towards the marker. If successful, you should be able to find the target NPC in a glitched area. Talk to Escort npcs quest stuck uo and then fast travel back to Whiterun.

In Whiterun Priya rai abcd slut compass pointer might show that the person you are looking for is within the city pointer without a gatehowever on the map it shows them outside the city. Open the console in Whiterun and type in: The target may be hovering in the sky, so check all directions once you reach the marker. Open the console and type in: Open the game console and type this in to force the next quest line: That will have them follow you even though they do not exist and fast travel to the location you are asked to go to, or somewhere nearby. It says "take your leave of name ", which again, since name does not exist, you can't.

Open the console again and type in: It will tell you to go back to Vilkas and end the quest which he will accept as complete. The civilian may not yet have been captured or may just be walking around. The NPC will not follow you and just walks around and is either busy or gives you default scripting. You may complete the rescue mission and escort the civilian back to their home, but the quest will not recognize you have brought them home. Following rescue of Wilhem from Ilinalta's deep, a successful return to Iverstead was accomplished. The marker shows the correct location in front of Vilemyr Inn. However, regardless of where you go in town, Wilhelm fails to recognize he is home and simply repeats -- "Please, get me home!

In this case it may help to enter and exit the NPC's home.