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I dropped 3 Hougs for my visit with her. So we can rather with ourselves. All you're pyramid that "spark" in your loud life, or maybe you bad enjoy thinking in the heavy things, candy a high value on heavy and individuality. So much for love, LOL, but I digress.

Seems like there is some drama in some of these threads tho, so not sure where to go. Or are they really all about the same? So my date with miss moss got bumped from Monday till today. I told her Monday was a holiday and now I got to take a day off work. She tells me she flys in at Can we meet at 2. Then got thinking I offered to pick her up at airport. She's stoked about it. I scoop up her request list of kiwi mango and star bucks. Meet her at airport.

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Back at her hotel by 1. She invites me right Escort 24 hours $1500. About an houfs before my date. Take quick shower and then we go Escort 24 hours $1500 it like teenagers. Guess that 1 on1 time in the car really broke the ice. She demands I loose hlurs towel. She looks just like her photos. Her Nani is perfect and has a little tang to it that I really like I eat that thing for a solid hour. Main event rolls around and I hate covers so we try and try again. She suggests she finish me in She is a star. Going to be jerking off to this moment for a while. I told her I want to teach her to surf tandem. God her ass in my face at queens on a long board will be epic. I'll post pics of it happens.

She is really expensive but worth every penny if you want a euro model and if karma is on your side you get a much longer expierence. How much was damage? Glad you had a karmalicious time! She's an incredible beauty. I don't think anyone reported on her yet. She is GFE but it is not the sensual type.

I don't know if we just didn't click or I was just reticent to engage further. First off, of course, she looks like her photos and her boobs are massive and man-made. If you ever watched one of her porno movies that is pretty much what you will get. She is a talker and she likes to talk about her husband. Now, I don't know if she really has one, but I Escort 24 hours $1500 that is her whole porno persona or part of the fantasy. Not much to say here. Just 1988 escort gt performance at one of her movies and that is pretty much what is on the menu minus BBFS. PM me if you want some specific details about her.

There are some things that are not as advertised. I adore super big tits either natural or man-made so are the soft and feel real? Are her nipples senstive? I am captivated by music and language, fascinated by the world around me. I love learning, and I adore making others laugh. When it comes to encounters with me, chemistry is everything. I believe strongly in making every date a celebration of genuine connection. I am fairly heavily tattooed, but my body art has been removed from my photos in order to protect my identity. You're a discerning, fun-loving gentleman who knows what he wants. Perhaps you're missing that "spark" in your personal life, or maybe you simply enjoy indulging in the finer things, placing a high value on quality and individuality.

You are years old, in good health, and have excellent hygiene. I am asked this a lot and the Answer is: Even if our chemistry is magic, please understand your purpose in this special relationship. I need to be compensated for my time. To avoid uncomfortable situations. I ask this be respected and that a date or extra time together will not be asked for without compensation. May I record videos or take pictures when we meet? I am a very private person,and taking pictures or filming a video is not allowed under any circumstances. I have an expectation of privacy during our time together. Please understand that I take every measure to ensure our time together is as perfect as you would imagine.

You will be subject to the following Cancellation fees: While I use reporting sites rarely and only for Extreme cases, Cancelling without paying the fee will force me to add your name to those lists. The Cancellation fee is due within 24 Hours after the date is Cancelled. You will receive instructions on how to remit the cancellation fee. Thank you for being mindful and considerate of my time.