Dating And Sex Tips For Men

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Approaching things in an open, accepting and understanding light can ease the journey and ,en to a great sex life, as foe as a deeper, more fulfilling relationship. Find out the health benefits of an active sex life Infection is a bigger risk than you might think With age comes bodily concerns such as looser skin and often a lack of flexibility, but these are all things you can overcome and even laugh about — we're all in this together, right? Sexually transmitted infections STIson the other hand, are no joking matter and can pass between people no matter what our age.

Inone in five heterosexuals diagnosed with HIV was over Those coming out of a long-term relationship and dating for the first time in decades may find themselves unprepared. Remember that even if pregnancy is no longer a possibility you should always use a condom with a new partner to protect your health as well as theirs. Remember to steer clear of old or novelty condoms and only use those with the European CE mark. It pays to know what to look out for when it comes to STIs. Abnormal bleeding during or after sex, sores, blisters, rashes and discharge are all signs that something could be wrong, but don't panic. If you're concerned about STIs, you can easily locate your nearest sexual health service and make an appointment to get checked out.

There are many factors at play here - hormonal changes, medication and illness can all play their part in causing a low sex drive. Hiding under the covers, insisting the lights are turned out - you know the drill. Even if your thighs do look like orange peel and do they really? Unless it's a one-night-stand, at some point he's going to have to see you naked. Get it over and done with: First time sex can be intense and erotic but it's also highly charged with expectations.

Sex over 60 – what no one will tell you

Both of you are nervous and eager for it to go well but a female's nerves are more easily hidden. Seriously, who'd want a penis when it's such an obvious barometer of anxiety? Two things are on the cards if he's nervous of performing: How you react to either predicts how good sex will be for the two of you in the future. Treat it light-heartedly, don't make a big deal and let him know it's normal and you understand, and you're set for open, honest, communicative sex. Over-react, take it personally or make him feel bad about it and he'll be even more apprehensive next time around with disastrous results.