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You had to cheat up the courage to mark contact with someone. For sex trafficking is a white treat Baxkpage the thinking stellar, the U. They are a symphony into another kind of lush -- the world of which stitches her. Teens say it's also a hub for the sex thinking of minors, and have been outside a public clean to pressure Backpage to let down its legend services out.

They are a glimpse into another kind of life eastwrn the memory of which haunts her. Instead, she worked long hours in hotel rooms where she would service up to 20 men a night. Megan's pimp did not make her walk the streets, she said. Instead, he advertised her online in the adult services section of the nationwide classified website, Backpage.

I had no idea what they put on Backpage escorts in eastern idaho. All I know is that they put the pictures that I took on there, and people started calling me," she said. It's a phenomenon that has become commonplace in the lucrative and illegal commercial sex trade of minors: Although sex trafficking is a major problem in the developing world, the U. Department of Justice estimates more thanyouth are at risk domestically, and studies indicate the Internet could be making the problem worse by increasing demand. According to Shared Hope International, an anti-trafficking organization, the average age of entry for female prostitution is 13 years old.

And while there may be consensus that the exploitation of underage girls online is a problem, there is a white-hot debate over how to stop it.

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At the Backpafe of the storm is Backpage. Critics say it's also a hub for the sex eastfrn of minors, and have been mounting a public campaign to pressure Backpage to shut down its adult services section. Despite Backpage screening their ads to look for minors, police around the country told "Nightline" they routinely find underage girls advertised on the website. But, the company Euro sluts movies, while Backpage Backpage escorts in eastern idaho be part of the problem, it can also be part of the solution, by working with law enforcement eastdrn catch the pimps who are selling minors.

And we provide an extraordinary tool to do that, because we are easteen said Liz McDougall, the dscorts for Backpage. McDougall has made this case easterj. Inshe was part of the legal idqho that defended Craigslist when it came under fire for its adult ads. Craigslist eventually decided to shut down that portion of its site, at which point much of that traffic moved to Backpage. Because you are losing a key tool for law enforcement to get insights into this illicit activity, to get data, greater data than it's ever existed before, to locate, to identify Backpage escorts in eastern idaho perpetrators, and to rescue victims.

Backpage disputes that figure, but despite repeated requests from "Nightline," refused to provide numbers for how many escort ads get posted or how much revenue the company takes in from them. McKenna, a Republican who is also the head of the National Association of Attorneys General, has been leading the political charge to shut down the sex ads on Backpage. They're making it easy for men who exploit girls and women to get away with it. McDougall is new on the job as Backpage's in-house counsel, a role she said she accepted only on the condition that she would be given free rein to address the problem of sex trafficking on the website. I would love to see us eradicate sexual exploitation in the United States.

I don't know if that's an achievable goal. But eradicating it online, I think is an achievable goal. And that's what I intend to lead the industry in doing. The cyber world provides johns with round-the-clock accessibility and provides pimps with an efficient, low-risk and anonymous method by which to recruit and sell women and children. Kyle Oki of the San Jose, Calif. But, according to AIM Group, when Craigslist famously shut down its escort ads in due to public pressure, Backpage quickly emerged as the market leader. Backpage often points to the work of one scholar, danah boyd, of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, who has written that the Internet provides new opportunities to intervene in the underground sex trade because it makes trafficking more visible than it once was.

McDougall lauded the systems Backpage already has in place to keep underage girls out of its adult ads. Our goal is to stay the industry leader, and to set the standard for everyone else to meet," she pledged. McDougall took "Nightline" inside one of their screening rooms, the first time they have ever let reporters see how their filters function. According to McDougall, first an automated system screens for key words. Then, a real human being looks at each and every ad that goes up in the site's adult services section. Of course pimps and the underage girls they traffic often find ways to work around the safeguards, including using pre-paid gift cards instead of credit cards linked to an address.

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