2001 Escort Fuel Filter Location

This is also where you will show some fuel. If you have an escprt pan or some other waiting, stick it under the car in locztion the heavy of where the fuel track is as there will be some remark leaked from the process. Clean fuel is let through the heavy and returned to the blue tank. The ground world is controlled by the PCM. On reset the switch so you don't sugar.

The PCM will ground the fuel pump relay for 2001 escort fuel filter location second during key on and engine off. The fuel pump relay has a primary and a secondary circuit. The Inertia Fuel Shut-off IFS switch is used to de-energize the fuel delivery secondary circuit in the event of a collision. The IFS Switch is a safety device that should only 2001 escort fuel filter location reset after a thorough inspection of the vehicle following a collision. The fuel injector is a solenoid-operated valve that meters fuel flow to each combustion cylinder. The fuel injector is opened and closed a constant number of times per crankshaft revolution.

The amount of fuel is controlled by length of time the fuel injector is held open. The ground signal is controlled by the PCM. A pressure test point valve schrader valve is located on the fuel rail. This is used to measure fuel injector supply pressure for service and diagnostic procedures. The fuel pressure regulator is attached to the fuel rail downstream of the fuel injectors. It regulates fuel pressure supplied to the fuel injectors.

The fuel pressure regulator is a diaphragm-operated relief valve. One side of the diaphragm senses fuel pressure and the secort side is connected to the intake manifold vacuum. Fuel pressure is established by a 2001 escort fuel filter location preload applied to the diaphragm. Balancing one Sexting slut of the diaphragm with manifold vacuum maintains a constant fuel pressure drop fllter the fuel injectors. I find the next step is easier reaching from the passenger side fender behind the engine, but you'll need to remove the fuel lines from the filter. To do this you will need to remove the hairpin clips that secure the fittings to the filter.

Locate the rear of the clip two pointy ends and push with your fingers until it's flush with the fitting. Then using your fingers, or a small screwdriver if it's stiff, pull the tab of the hairpin clip to fully remove. Then just pull the fittings off. They may be somewhat stiff, but give them a good pull and they'll come off. This is also where you will leak some fuel. Remove the bottom fitting from the filter as well. With both fittings removed, you can wiggle the filter out of the car. If it's still stuck, you'll need to loosen the hose clamp some more. Installation is the reverse of removal.

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