1994 Ford Escort Rear Frame Repair

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The drilled hole is not adjacent to any other existing frame brackets or components. Disconnect the negative battery ground cable before using any electric welding equipment. All frame welding must be done with electric 1994 ford escort rear frame repair equipment, and the heat should be kept in a small area to prevent change in hardness of the metal. Do not use gas welding equipment. A double reinforcement must be added to frames where heat or weld is applied to the area to be repaired. The welds are to run lengthwise along the reinforcement when a reinforcement is to be welded to a side member.

Frame Straightening Frame misalignment can be corrected by straightening the out-of-line parts or by replacing the crossmembers, braces, or brackets if they are badly damaged. Straightening should be attempted on frames that fail to meet specifications of the diagonal checking method or where damage is visually apparent. However, to prevent internal stresses in the metal, frame straightening should be limited to parts which are not severely bent. Excessive heat may weaken the metal in the frame members and cause permanent damage. Frame Reinforcing After a bent frame member has been straightened, inspect the member closely for cracks.

If any cracks show, the frame member should be reinforced or replaced. Reinforcements should be made from angle or flat stock of the same material and thickness as the frame member being reinforced, and should extend a minimum of Ideally, the reinforcement should be cut from the corresponding area of a similar frame.

Ford Escort : Suspension Crossm K-Frame

Weld Attachment The following procedure must be adhered to if it is deemed necessary to weld reinforcements to the frame and make sure of a quality repair. The crack should be prepared before welding the reinforcement to the cracked frame member by wire brushing the area around the crack to remove the paint, grease, mud, etc. To stop the crack from spreading, drill a 6. Slowly move the crow bar around the windshield. Have your assistant help you left the windshield out of the frame. Run sandpaper around the mounting surface. Rub the bonding agent onto the mounting surface.

Sand the edge of the new windshield that is to face the frame of the car. Apply the bonding agent to this area. This is to ensure a tight fraem. Make sure to go over escorr entire area of the surface. Have your assistant help you carefully lay in the windshield. Make sure to press the windshield firmly into place. Allowing time for the bonding agent to dry, replace the metal trim. Use your screwdriver to insert each piece along with the metal clips. Re-install the wipers and arms, and then detail your work. There could be safety issues with aftermarket windshields not fitting correctly.

Tape your tools with black electrical tape.