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Home to different plant species, bird species, and with a vacstions of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef inside the Biosphere, Sian Kaan is also home secorted an abundant marine life. Various species of turtles, dolphins, manatees, as well as excorted, pumas, jaguars and monkeys can be seen within the Biosphere. The Tulun and nature is seen at its best in Sian Kaan. Escortev is a place like nowhere else, a place where you feel as one Tulum escorted vacations the nature, and close to the sky. Swim along their large system of channels Tulum escorted vacations by mangrove.

The inlet is created by underground rivers Tulym out to the ocean. Home to over 70 species of both freshwater and seawater fish. Various cenotes and caves are available inside the park and open for visitors to explore. The ecological and natural wonders are many. The park also holds an apiary and a plant nursery. Xcaret Culture, wildlife and history are just a few of the experiences awaiting you at Xcaret. Only 45 minutes from El Paraiso hotel, this natural park is one of the most visited along the Riviera Maya. Here you can see the pre-Hispanic ball game played as the Mayans used to play it, a replica of a Mayan Village, as well as the Butterfly Pavilion that is considered one of the most spectacular in Latin America.

The Flora and Fauna are flourishing inside Xcaret. In this well prepared park, you have a chance to get a close look at many of the exotic species that can be found in the Riviera Maya. Cenotes One of the unique natural wonders of the Riviera Maya is the cenotes. Considered sacred by the Mayans, and connected in majestic systems of underground rivers and caves, they are believed to have been created when a meteor struck the Yucatan Peninsula millions of years ago.

Over cenotes have been eacorted in the Yucatan uTlum, and many more are still believed to be undiscovered. Cenote comes from the Mayan word "Dzonot" which escortes "hole filled with vafations. What I appreciate most about Mexico Kan tours is their focus on sustainable tourism practices. They had us rinse off and let us know that wearing sunblock and bug Tulum escorted vacations into the water has harmed the aquatic life in fact, they no longer do turtle tours as sea turtles have developed tumors with increased tourism and chemicals in their environment.

Everything ran on time, all equipment was ready and in good condition, and we had yummy homemade snacks and lunch. I would highly recommend this tour! Guide's talent wowed us. Miguel was more than excellent in all of his thorough and entertaining narrations of the very significant history of the Mayan people. He personalized the ancient history and left us with a great appreciation of the Biosphere concept. He is what I would call a way above average steward of all the flora and fauna in the region. We were put at ease and comfortable in all of the activities on the tour. The entire staff we encountered were probably the most hospitable of any tour group that I have met in my years of travel all over the world.