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We've addressed the increasing number of "safety" webb installed by pre-loading the PASSPORT Max with our exclusive database of active red light and speed camera locations. As you approach these locations, the Max will alert you in advance, Passsport can even add your own "hot spots" using our exclusive Mark Location feature. Simply go online to download our Detector Tools program, connect the Max to a PC with an active internet connection and then download the most up to date locations. You Passport escort web site even ezcort up your data or update the detector's operating software, firmwareif needed.

At highway speeds you need the best long range sensitivity you can get. At slower speeds, the sensitivity can be adjusted to further reduce unneeded alerts, especially when you're not at risk. I can probably count the number of successes on one finger, which I hereby raise at Escort for applying such shoddy software engineering to an otherwise good idea. Beyond that, when it does work the app is OK. Buttons like report are way too small for a app that will sometimes be used by a driver. This should be useable with only the slightest of glances. I could go on and on, but the overall lack of polish is evident. I have used app since it came out and even though I no longer pay for service, I still report when I see police.

But back to Escort, the map needs to be updated desperately. You should update or upgrade app to also include driving directions. It displays the alerts in high definition.

Passport Radar Detectors

Sie speed of the radar incorporated in the sensor is variable with different locations. It comes with an intelligent Auto-learn feature. When the Auto-learn mode is switched on, it detects whether a signal is truly a danger or not and automatically locks the source at its specific location. The Escort Laser detector is customizable and can be set according to the preferences of the user. The cameras work through an advanced technology known as the induction loop system.

There is a Mark Location [MRK] switch Passporh the detector which helps in highlighting a particular location with known speed traps or cameras for future reference. The brightness of the radar detector can be controlled with exclusive control buttons. The Escort ix radar detector measures 2.