Genuine Ford Escort Power Booster

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Similar poqer the TVR S' turbocharging system, it Grnuine a "Blow through Carburetor" system in which the standard but re-jetted Weber 38 DGAS carburetor was run inside a pressurized box, performance figures further increased with the uprated post-October versions of the engine. An owner's handbook supplement for US Federal models indicates that the emissions control system used a catalytic converter, exhaust gas recirculationand secondary air injection. A shipment of approximately twenty Ss arrived in Septemberand were marked by the import company as being emissions compliant without the Olson Engineering emissions kit actually having been fitted.

Dealers were made aware of this fact, but were each apparently coerced into buying at least two of the non-compliant cars with the threat of withholding spare parts for other TVR models. One dealer explained the situation to a customer who happened to work for the US government in an emissions-regulation capacity, and he reported the violation to the authorities. The cars were then impounded. During the long period of time during which Martin Lilley attempted to communicate with US customs officials to resolve the situation, the cars were neglected and stored outside, where they deteriorated and were vandalized. Only about 1, of the Genuine ford escort power booster variants were produced during and In Octoberthe 3.

Production tooling at the factory was scrapped and sold into make way for the production of a new four cylinder OHC engine, the remaining old stock of 3. Vehicles using the Essex V6[ edit ] The Essex V6 was fitted to a wide variety of cars, both from Ford and from smaller specialist manufacturers that used Ford engines. Among these were the following: It also benefits from having much better ratios - perfect for the fast road car. Another worthwhile modification is a limited-slip differential of which we have several varieties from both Tran-X and Quaife, our sales staff will be able to advise you which is the best application for you.

Underneath the car, the Escort enjoys a huge range of different modification options, from mild road to out and out race car there is a product for this car. The first mod for any car should be to replace the suspension bushes throughout. Replacing your old, tired, bushes for these will make the car feel much tighter and more responsive on the go. Simple lowering springs on the front and blocks on the rear will improve the cars look and slightly improve handling for those on a budget. The next step is to get uprated adjustable dampers. Adjustable track control arms will give you the chance to adjust the amount of camber on your front wheels, take camber out of your road car or put some in for your track car.

Ford Essex V6 engine (UK)

A high ratio or quick steering rack not only speeds up the steering, it also reduces the amount of turns from one lock to the other. A wise investment is also an anti-dive or double width kit for your front anti-roll bar, this helps improve the Escorts stability under braking. The Escorts axle can have a tendency to move about slightly, polyurethane bushes will improve this, but for improved axle location you will find Anti Tramp Radius Arm kits. This will help reduce the amount of unwanted axle tramp under heavy acceleration standard fitment on the RS models.

You will also find on the same page a Panhard-rod kit, this is great at reducing the amount the axle moves left to right during heavy cornering. Feel free to ask one of our sales team which is best for you and your car.