Ford Escort Mark 2 Owners Club

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My passion for cars grew alongside his existing interest; it comes from the support of two people sharing a passion. And it was a corker: I just wanted something I could get into and drive, so we sold Ford escort mark 2 owners club RSi to someone who could give it the time and attention it deserved. People carriers be damned, Emma was going to use the RS as much as possible. It became her trusty daily driver, shuttling her and the family around. I made the calls, got the interviews and got the job. It was less money than my previous job at a bank, but I wanted something that reflected my passion, something that was a hobby, too.

We could be organising shows, or helping people track down hard-to-find parts, or just talking about the cars they own. There are so many events to keep me on my toes. They can re-live their youth and their family can be a part of it too. And in so doing, another generation of RS and Ford fans is created.

I went to see one for sale and bought it on the spot. You bought them on their looks as much as for madk specification. Check if esckrt are members of a good trade federation. Insist on seeing your new engine built. Check how long they have been in business, particularly in the same name. Guarantee work was not done, or left for so long the customers went elsewhere. The same people continued in the area, in the same way, through five or six name changes.

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They Ford escort mark 2 owners club imitation is the sincerest form of flattery — or owmers it just because they are incapable of thinking for themselves? Ckub have one local firm whose Advert and Brochures we had coub read twice before we realised they were not ours!! Such as, which suppliers give the best service, which give genuine BHP, torque, fuel consumption figures, which give a guarantee that actually works properly. We for example give a full parts and labour guarantee on all parts we supply. Further, that we guarantee to have you back on the road within a maximum of 7 days of your call, in the event of a problem. We invite all club secretaries to send us a pen picture profile including details of their national days etc.

Meetings were held at the Flying Horse at Kegworth and membership was largely Midlands based. Overseas clubs flourish America, Middle and Antipodies and some 2, members.